From Markers to YouTube Video Chapters with Adobe Premiere Pro 27
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Hector Berrebi

Hmmmm, I wonder where this article idea came from… 🤔 Great Piece Jeff! Thanks!


I initially thought this would be easily done through the internal Premiere Pro features – i.e. Set up some Markers, then File > Export and export it to a text file that you could easily paste into the YouTube description box. But then I found it wasn’t so.

But then I came across a guy who has a photography channel on YouTube – JSyntax Media – who created a little plugin that does this. So you just add chapter markers then use his little plugin so export the list. Copy and paste it into YouTube.

I tried it and found it really easy. Having said that I’ve only done one of my videos so far, but finding his little plug-in does mean I have a chance of finally getting them all done…

This is his video:

How to quickly create YouTube CHAPTER links in Premiere Pro (FAST & EASY plugin method)

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