Steadicam Air monopod: a lower price and a new set up guide video

Introduced in 2018, the Steadicam Air monopod has a new set up guide video and a new lower price. Time to check the two versions available, created by Tiffen and Master Cinematographers (MC4).

Steadicam Air monopod: a lower price and a new set up guide video

A complete game changer, the Steadicam Air monopod allows users complete freedom in operating, as they can go from kneeling to standing in seconds and never miss a moment. A new video explains how.

There is a new special price for the Steadicam Air monopods, making this solution even more attractive and maybe something you should check.  The Steadicam Air is not a monopod like others, because it’s air lift and spring activated. Weighing only 3.5 lbs, the Steadicam Air is made up of three sections including one twist leg lock that allows for a 360 degree rotation. The height adjustment – fully extended height  is 62.5″ – is activated by the rubberized foot pedal which allows for a non-slip operation.

We’ve explained all this before, but now you can see it yourself, as Tiffen has released a new set up guide video that shows how the system works.  Designed by Tiffen in cooperation with Master Cinematographers (MC4), a group of four filmmakers dedicated to creating technological innovations, that both speed and ease the art of cinematography and photography, the Steadicam Air is ideal for nature, wildlife, sports, wedding, venue photographers and cinematographers alike.

Pay $100 less for the Steadicam Air monopod

Featuring a removable aluminum top plate with reversible screw thread allowing for 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 and an oversized rubber foot giving you extra stability connected to ball point, the monopod comes with a non-slip, rubberized foot pedal allows for easy grip operation. Pedal also folds up with travel purposes and quick transport.

Made of carbon fiber, the Steadicam Air is lightweight and compact – collapsed height is 28″ – making it easy for travel. The Air is accompanied by a deluxe carrying bag with added protection and an ergonomic shoulder strap. Tiffen announced new prices to the Steadicam Air monopod family: the Steadicam Air 15 is now $299 (previously $399), while the Steadicam Air 25 is now $399 (previously $499).

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