Sony Adds Dual Base ISO To Their Soon To Ship VENICE

The VENICE will have two Base ISOs: 500 and 2500

The new version 1.0 features added to the VENICE will include support for Full-Frame 24x36mm recording in time for the camera to ship. Continuing on listening to customer feedback into the camera’s development, Sony is announcing several new capabilities including a “Dual Base ISO” mode. With 15+ stops of exposure latitude, VENICE will support an additional High Base ISO of 2500 utilizing the sensor’s unique physical attributes. Take that Panasonic! Maybe other camera manufacturers will follow suit. The Dual Base ISO takes advantage of Sony’s unique sensor for superb low light performance with great dynamic range – from 6 stops over to 9 stops under 18% middle gray which is pretty darn impressive.


As a shooter, I was a little worried about the original base ISO of 500, but seeing Sony listening to customers and delivering a second base ISO of 2500 is comforting and makes the VENICE way more interesting as a purchase. I love the 6K Full-Frame capabilities as well as the multiple lens mount options. I think we might start seeing a few of these cameras floating around soon.

This new capability is a result of requests to increase exposure indexes at higher ISOs for night exteriors, dark interiors, working with slower lenses or where content needs to be graded in High Dynamic Range while maintaining the maximum shadow details.

An added benefit unique to VENICE is its built-in 8-step optical ND filter servo mechanism. This can emulate different ISO operating points when in High Base ISO 2500 and also maintains the extremely low levels of noise characteristics of the VENICE sensor. This new flexibility significantly expands the range of creative possibilities for production professionals.

VENICE also features new color science designed to deliver a soft tonal film look, with shadows and mid-tones having a natural response and the highlights preserving the dynamic range.

Sony has also developed the VENICE  camera menu simulator. This user-friendly tool is designed to give camera operators an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the camera’s operational workflow before using VENICE in production via an intuitive, elegant menu system.

Additional upcoming features and capabilities planned to be available later this year as free firmware upgrades in version 2.0 include:

  • 25p in 6K Full-Frame Mode will be added in Version 2
  • “False Color” has been moved from version 3 to version 2


The camera has an established workflow with support from Sony’s RAW Viewer v3, and third party vendors including Filmlight Baselight v5Davinci Resolve v14.3, andAssimilate Scratch v8.6 among others. Sony continues to work closely with all relevant third parties to ensure a cohesive workflow including editing, grading, color management, and dailies.

Another often requested feature is support for high frame rates, which Sony is working to implement and make available at a later date. YES! Give us more High Frame Rate options.

The latest public demonstration of VENICE is at the BSC Expo 2018, which begins today in Battersea, London. Internationally renowned British cinematographer Richard Blanshard will showcase Full-Frame content shot with the VENICE camera system. He will also deliver a seminar titled “Full-Frame shooting with CineAlta VENICE.”

VENICE Key Features

  • True 36x24mm Full Frame imaging based on the photography standard that goes back 100 years
  • Built-in 8-Step Optical ND filter servo mechanism
  • Dual Base ISO mode, with High Base ISO 2500
  • New color science for appealing skin tones and graceful highlights.
  • Aspect ratio freedom: Full Frame 3:2 (1.5:1), 4K 4:3 full height anamorphic, spherical 17:9, 16:9.
  • Lens mount with 18mm flange depth opens up lens options (PL Lens mount included).
  • 15+ stops of exposure latitude
  • User-interchangeable sensor, requires removal of just six screws, enabling future upgrades and production flexibility.
  • 6K resolution (6048 x 4032) in Full Frame mode

The VENICE CineAlta motion picture camera system will be available this month, February 2018. VENICE version 2.0 firmware upgrades will be available in summer 2018.Optional licenses are required for Full Frame and anamorphic shooting. For more information about the VENICE platform, please visit

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JD Burditt
JD Burditt

“Take that Panasonic”
Why is that comment necessary? It makes no sense to say. The camera bias took the steam right out of this article for me. If anything it should say “on the heals of Panasonic, Sony followed with its own type of dual ISO.” All the upper end digital cinema cameras deliver great images these days. The gear smearing in write ups is getting old.

Brian Hallett

I was just trying to be funny, and I am not biased. I love, and use, every camera available. Maybe my sense of humor doesn’t come across the screen as well as I think it does.

JD Burditt
JD Burditt

Right on Brian, all good. I took it the wrong way. Always hard to tell in writing. I appreciate humor.