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Rosco announces MIX LED lighting

The acquisition of LED lighting specialist DMG Lumière by Rosco, lead to the development of new solutions combining true Rosco color inside a cutting-edge, portable and durable LED fixture.

Rosco announces MIX LED lighting

Rosco’s 108 years of color and lighting heritage and DMG Lumière’s experience mix to create new solutions in LED lighting, under the name… MIX.

DMG Lumière’s expertise in LED lighting panels, which have been used to light award-winning films and TV shows including Game of Thrones, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Jackie is part of the equation when it comes to the new MIX products from Rosco, which the company announced at NAB 2018 as a color evolution in LED lighting.

Available in the SWITCH SL1 and MINI fixture formats, MIX features three different functionality modes:
• The white mode offers a wide range of tunable white light from daylight to tungsten, along with precise green/magenta correction.
• The color mode enables users to adjust color hue, saturation—with the ability to desaturate colors to either daylight or tungsten—and intensity, including a fine dimming curve.
• The gel mode allows users to select a Rosco gel from a vast gel library and even modify the gel’s hue, saturation, and green/magenta shift as needed.

Rosco announces MIX LED lighting

Also making its debut at NAB, the myMIX app allows users to mix, save, and share colors. Users can capture a color within a mobile phone photo, save the color and push it wirelessly to the MIX fixture. The app controls MIX fixtures wirelessly and contains all of the onboard control features, along with the ability to name and save colors within project folders, and share colors instantly with colleagues.

“With MIX technology we’ve combined Rosco’s 108 years of color and lighting heritage with DMG Lumière’s LED expertise to introduce color into our specialized range of LED lighting,” said Nils de Montgrand, Vice President of DMG Lumière by Rosco. “This customer-driven innovation will enable our customers to better bring their creative visions to life. We look forward to continuing to develop the advantages that our LED technology can bring to lighting film and television sets.”

Rosco announces MIX LED lighting

MIX was designed by technicians to improve on-set workflow, with a simple user interface devoid of complicated menus, and with collaborative features within the myMIX app. A unique set of six LED chips enables users to achieve a wider range of colors. MIX can be controlled onboard or wirelessly through LAN, wired or wireless DMX, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology.

As mentioned before, the technology, which will be available early Summer 2018, will first appear on the SWITCH SL1 and MINI fixture formats, with the MAXI MIX coming afterwards. All these fixtures will also be compatible with all of the popular DMG Lumière SWITCH accessories, including: The Dome, SNAPBAG, SNAPGRID and the Quickfit Handle.

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