Red One News – Builds, Lenses, Accessories

…so besides Scarlet, Epic, and Red Ray, there was (Oh Yeah!) news for Red One too. They have some new lenses, accessories, and firmware builds coming for the Red One. I got hands on with the big honkin’ 18-85mm zoom, and it is GOOD. I looked at the new 7″ Pro LCD and I like it. Read on for the details that aren’t on the website.


BUILD 16: not yet. Drat. But soon. Probably with new software to match as was hinted, since they were changing so much.

They are working on a kind of RAW viewing option – with current builds, if you are ISO 320, you know pretty much where your exposure is (but not quite, since need -0.42 on Exposure in Red Alert/Redcine to know EXACTLY). Build 16 will have some tools to indicate absolute sensor clip, even if you’re NOT in ISO 320.

Apple Color support – same way last year there was a demo of Redcode import into FCP, they are demonstrating native R3D support in Color. You can work with up to 2K resolution from 4K footage (only extracting the 2K layer from the wavelet). You can then work with that footage at 2K, 1080, 720, 480, whatever res you want that is below the 2K source extraction. But YES, you can bring your 4K Redcode RAW files into the future version of Apple’s Color and work with the full frame, but only at up to 2K deliverable. You can also access the source RAW metadata, just like on camera and in Red Alert/Redcine, to adjust Saturation, Exposure, Tint, Black Level, Exposure, RGB gains, etc. (No Brightness (gamma really) or Contrast (S-curve really), but you can do those with Color’s tools). Merely a technology demo, no ETA on ship date from Apple – so I’d GUESS in next major release, which could be what – NAB next year? Dunno, my guess, not based on hard data.

Red One Redcode RGB mode is still under development – read that two ways if you will – pessimistic – “darn, still not done/shipping!” or optimist – “GOOD – they are still working on it, it IS coming.”


-NEW 300mm, is $500 or $1000 more than current one. New housing. They’ll keep selling the old model, presumably as long as demand is there. No upgrade path for existing Red 300mm lens owners

-18-85mm lens, T2.9 zoom, is under $10K ($9950?), Ted calls images from it “gorgeous” and “rock star.” Shipping “Soon.” Hmm – is that soon soon, or Red Soon? Weight almost same as Red One, about 9.8 pounds, is BIG.

-Red Prime Lenses – 5 primes for under $20K for the set. 25mm T1.9, 35mm T1.9, 50mm T1.9, 85mm T1.9, 300MM T2.9, then later 15mm T2.8, and 18mm T1.9

-buncha T1.9 primes for under $20K? WOW. Da-yumm, if the images are good, that’ll be mighty impressive.


2 stage, per Jim’s spec (wish it were three stage! polarizer and ND!) clip on, carbon fiber, works with 18-50 and 50-150 Red lenses. Back piece comes off to accomodate other backplate for other lenses

-did I hear under $1000? Not sure, so that is NOT for sure.

-Red Pro accessories – they are heading towards two levels of accessories from the Red factory – the standard stuff, and the Pro stuff. There are already carbon rods, but there will be more carbon rods.

There will be the standard accessories as we’ve seen so far, then a NEW tier above that – fewer price compromises, better materials, etc. – but they will be professionally priced, as well. First example –

there’s a new 7″ LCD, about 2/3 brighter than the first one, new backlight, consumes LESS power than the first one, probably a couple of months out, circa $2500. I saw it, I liked it. Yeah. I want one. Bright, big, NICE.

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