Quick update – Red One now shoots 2K at 120 fps – sample included

Just a quick note – Red released firmware build 15 last Thursday, which included a BUNCH of new features like multiple simultaneous video outputs (finally!), Look import and export (camera settings can be moved camera to camera and backed up on computer), and OH YEAH BABY – an increase of the maximum frame rate at 2K resolution from 75 to a whopping 120 frames per second!

The above is just a quickie timeline export from proxies on the timeline – I shot it “plain,” not tweaking the on camera settings, nor adjusting them in Red Alert – consider this a flat transfer – so no kvetching about the contrast and saturation, mmmkay?

: )


Well, Red can’t do that – we’ve already achieved maximum framerate possible at this resolution. So how do we push further?

I then doodled with retiming it, to slow it down even further – here’s a shot (ignore the clipped highlights, result of some LUT doodling I was doing):Note that this shot is used in the above cut as well – gives you an idea how far things can be pushed for saturation and look. The LUT I was messing with clipped highlights, I didn’t bother to go back in and try to retrieve them.

…and here’s the same shot, using After Effects’ pixel motion vector juju, to make it 4 times longer, effectively 480fps.Fuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

: D

I also attended the first Los Angeles Red User Group meeting, I’ll write up all the cool 3rd party hardware and software I saw in another post.

UPDATE – here’s a different bigger better longer one, 1000 pixels wide

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