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Free keyboard shortcuts for your favorite NLE

We put together a series of downloadable keyboard shortcut documents for Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro, Lightworks and now DaVinci Resolve. Regardless of what system you prefer or are familiar with, you’ll find that each document contains simple but effective shortcuts that will make your work and life that much easier.

Direct downloads for these keyboard shortcuts are accessible on the following pages.



7 Things You Need to Know About Choosing and Using Green Screen Materials

Professionals that have worked with green screens will tell you – without the right green screen materials, even the best lighting and camera won’t help you.

With this free download from award-winning video producer and artist, Jeff Foster, you’ll learn sensible approaches that content creators at all levels can take when it comes to getting the most out of a green screen.




From 4K to 8K and Beyond

From production professionals to consumers, questions abound about whether 4K is worth the expense and hassle of rebuilding infrastructure. Now that 4K is a reality, suddenly 8K has become part of this discussion.  Are even higher resolutions in our near future?

Consider the topic from a variety of different angles in this free download




Learn how to be successful with 4K

The creative team behind The Darkest Matter will walk you through their 4K production decisions and experiences.

This free download will tell you what bottom-line questions everyone can and should be asking when you’re considering 4K. Exploring how some of these specific answers are reached is an invaluable exercise.




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