New mount plate to fit a Mini V-Lok battery to a Sony FS5

The new camera mount plate developed by Hawk-Woods gives owners of the Sony FS5 a new option: to use the lightweight and flight-safe broadcast battery Mini V-Lok as onboard power source.

How to fit a Mini V-Lok battery to a Sony FS5

Introduced early this year, the Mini V-Lok battery from Hawk-Woods can now be fitted to the Sony FS5, for extended operation.

Since January 2018 that video professionals traveling by airplane have an extra option in terms of batteries: the Mini V-Lok, ultra-small and lightweight V-Lok battery, from Hawk-Woods, distributed in the United States through Manios Digital & Film.

The battery, which is able to deliver up to 150wh and yet fits in the palm of a hand was developed as an alternative to standard, travel-size batteries for power-hungry broadcast equipment, seemed like the ideal companion for the Sony’s lightweight PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 camera system.  The Sony FS5 has become a popular choice among documentarians, independent filmmakers and other camera professionals, due to its size and weight. Its compact, lightweight design, coupled with a 4K sensor, makes it ideal for shooting hand-held or with gimbals and rigs.

How to fit a Mini V-Lok battery to a Sony FS5

The addition of the Mini V-Lok battery makes the system even more attractive, both for traveling by air – as they conform to air transport restrictions – and using the Sony FS5, as the Mini V-Lok batteries allow the camera to be operated for up to 50 percent longer before recharging over standard BP-U batteries. They also include two Power-Con outlets, regulated to 12 volts, making it possible to simultaneously power accessories such as transmitters and monitors.

The newly developed VLM-FS5 plate, made exclusively for the FS5, allows to use the Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok batteries with the camera. “Mini V-Lok batteries provide a significant boost in terms of power capacity,” says Hawk-Woods sales manager Jason Stewart. “Operators can shoot for hours without recharging or changing batteries.”

How to fit a Mini V-Lok battery to a Sony FS5

The VLM-FS5 plate fits directly into the FS5 battery port. A Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok M-98 battery can then be snapped into the plate and connected to the camera’s DC input via a lead line. The flying lead is regulated to deliver a steady 12v. It should be noted that when using the adaptor, the camera’s ethernet port is blocked.

“We developed Mini V-Lok batteries with today’s smaller cameras in mind,” says Stewart. “They pack a lot of power without adding significantly to the weight of the camera package.”

With a size of 10cm x 7.8cm x 12cm, and a weight of 182g, the VLM-FS5 plate costs $368.00.

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