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Motion BOX, a pocket-sized motion control

App-controlled, edelkrone’s Motion BOX is a motion control device which works alone or associated with different products from edelkrone’s line up for video and photography.

Motion BOX, a pocket-sized motion control

Used for anything from nature time-lapses to 360° product photography, edelkrone’s Motion BOX is a versatile accessory which the company will show for the first time at NAB 2018.

Presented as a solution for pocket-sized motion control with unmatched versatility, the Motion BOX continues to follow the same logic of previous products from edelkrone: portable solutions which fit easily inside a camera bag or backpack and allow users to explore different options, either using the product on its own or associated with other products from edelkrone’s line up.

The Motion Box is a portable solution which used on its own, placed directly on the ground or on a tripod, gives you perfect control to create perfectly repeatable real-time videos and motion time-lapse shots. Dual encoders deliver, according to edelkrone, the ultra-precise positioning much needed for capturing images.

Motion BOX, a pocket-sized motion control

The app is the command center for the Motion BOX. The single app offers many possibilities, and you just have to choose your configuration and start shooting. Depending on the other accessories used, the app expands the options available. In fact, the Motion BOX is available standalone, but can be acquired with different kits, according to your needs: Tilt Kit, Skater Kit or the Product Turntable Kit.

A single Motion BOX allows you to program your pans either to capture panoramic photos or using the time-lapse 2.0 features. But add a second Motion BOX with Tilt Kit to your system and you are able to control your pan and tilt together. All features like time-lapse 2.0, stop motion, 360 mode will still be available. The BOXes instantly pair with each other via Bluetooth and have built-in accelerometers. When used vertically, it knows that it is being used for tilting and adjusts itself. Also, you can use Tilt Kit with a single Motion BOX to use it just for tilting.

Motion BOX, a pocket-sized motion control

The Skater Kit, which attaches to the Motion BOX, turns the accessory into a table top dolly which edelkrone presents as the “most portable, app controlled dolly on the planet”, a macro-precise setup which will enable you to shoot real-time and time-lapse videos on any smooth & flat surface. Thanks to the constant friction knob-less design of Skater Kit, the front wheels stay as you leave them, letting you adjust the motion curve in an instant. When the wheels are fully opened, Skater Kit gives perfect linear motion.

Associated with the FlexTILT Head 2, the Motion BOX becomes, says edelkrone, “the perfect pair”. The FlexTILT Head 2 is attached vertically to the front of Skater Kit and provides easy height and tilt adjustments while keeping your camera in balance. A magic arm can also be attached to the top of Skater Kit. Regular tripod heads and ball heads are not recommended. You can use the manual controls and move around freely or compose precise, repeatable motion by setting start / stop points, speed and acceleration. When you compose your shot, you can convert it into time-lapse with a single tap.

Motion BOX, a pocket-sized motion control

Motion BOX can also be used with edelkrone’s SliderONE PRO. It instantly pairs with that slider and your phone via Bluetooth, and both the BOX and slider are seamlessly controlled with the Motion BOX mobile app. There is also a complete solution for automated packshot shooting and 360° product photography, the Product Turntable Kit, which includes baseplate, x2 pads (white matt & black glossy) and shutter release extension cable.

Tiny but mighty, the Motion BOX has a carrying capacity of 15 lb (6.8 kg), meaning it can be used with a whole range of cameras. Priced at $284 the new product will be one of the highlights at edelkrone’s booth at the 2018 NAB Show.

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seems pretty similar to what Syrp did with their Genie Mini