Marshall Electronics: three new cameras and two monitors at NAB 2019

Marshall Electronics will showcase its latest broadcast offerings at NAB 2019, including three cameras and two new monitors, for anything from remote production trucks to broadcast studios or editing rooms.

Marshall Electronics: 3 new cameras and 2 monitors at NAB 2019

A new ultra high-speed camera designed for use in broadcast, live sports and any other fast paced or slow-motion applications, the Marshall CV506-H12 is one of the new cameras showcased at NAB 2019.

Back in 2018 Marshall won a  TV Technology’s Best of Show Award at NAB, with the Marshall CV502-WP, dubbed “the little camera that could”. The camera, one of the most popular miniature HD cameras in live sports broadcasts today, is an example of what Marshall does best. With its 2.5 Megapixel sensor and HD resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p, 1080i, and 720p, the CV502-WP has been used in all kinds of sports applications, capturing stunning video footage that brings viewers right up close to the action.

This year the company takes to NAB 2019 with new models to showcase at the event: the Marshall CV420-CS, the Marshall CV380-CS and the new ultra-high-speed Marshall CV506-H12 cameras. Designed to meet different requirements, the new models offer professionals a choice adaptable to different broadcast or cinema situations.

Marshall Electronics: 3 new cameras and 2 monitors at NAB 2019

A true 4K60 camera

Built to capture high-speed action for detailed, high-definition, slow-motion video, the miniature CV506-H12 can be controlled through RS485 (Visca) and has a range of adjustable image settings including paint (red/blue), white balance, gain, pedestal (black), gamma, shutter and more. It has a 2-megapixel, 1/2.8-inch sensor with a single HDMI 2.0 output. The M12 lens mount can be used with fixed prime or varifocal lens options, and the lightweight, small footprint build enables it to be placed easily into tight, hard-to-reach locations for unique angles and viewpoints.

Marshall Electronics: 3 new cameras and 2 monitors at NAB 2019 The CV380-CS is another camera built to be used in tight spaces. Designed for any point-of-view (POV) camera application where a small, miniature camera can fit into unique locations for compelling angles and viewpoints, the CV380-CS has a varifocal or fixed CS/C lens mount with DC Auto-Iris capability and can accept a range of interchangeable lenses for enhanced customization.

The third camera to be showcased is the CV420-CS, a a true 4K60 solution suitable for use in live events, cinema, ProAV, and any other 4K video workflows. This camera has outputs of 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI and HDMI 2.0, and has a varifocal or fixed CS/C lens mount capability with DC Auto-Iris plug-in for custom lens adaptions.

Marshall Electronics: 3 new cameras and 2 monitors at NAB 2019

New 4K and Full HD monitors

Two new Marshall monitors make it to NAB this year: the Marshall V-LCD173HR Production Monitor and the Marshall V-R241-4K Master Confidence Monitor, offering professionals users more choices, in FullHD and 4K, depending on the specifics of their work.

The V-R241-4K is an ultra-high-definition master confidence monitor that is perfect for remote production trucks, broadcast studios and editing rooms. The V-R241-4K comes with waveform and vectorscope functions along with in-monitor displays (IMD/UMD), tally, text and timecode. It includes 16-channel audio bars, closed captioning decoding, built-in speakers and more. For system integrators, the V-R241-4K has multiple ports for control over Ethernet, RS422/485, RS232 and Marshall Electronics: 3 new cameras and 2 monitors at NAB 2019 GPI. The V-R241-4K is also compatible with controllers from Extron, AMX, TSL Products, Image Video, Evertz and many other common control interfaces, making it a great choice for use in remote production, among other applications.

The Full HD  Marshall V-LCD173HR is  a 17.3-inch professional production monitor with HDMI/HDSDI conversion capability constructed in a versatile 6RU design. The Marshall V-LCD173HR can monitor up to two audio channels, and features built-in histogram, peaking, false color, exposure and adjustable safety markers. It has versatile mounting options and is REC 709 compliant, so it can find a home in any kind of production room. Users will have confidence knowing their video images will come out looking exactly the way they intend, and the monitor enables users to get accurate analytics on their video image for precise broadcast, live stream and cinema production uses.

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