Manfrotto launches new FluidTech Base for photo and video

The new FluidTech – Full Fluid Base from Manfrotto is the first of its kind to offer 3D-movement for the smoothest video footage.

Manfrotto launches new FluidTech Base for photo and video

Manfrotto introduced a new family of high-performance monopods for professional videographers and photographers: the XPRO Monopod+ The real surprise, though, is the new FluidTech Base.

The new series of monopods is the older series with an extra: the FluidTech – Full Fluid Base, which is the first of its kind. While the previous base offered panning, this model brings fluidity to all three axes –  pan, tilt and swivel -, for the ultimate smoothness in an extremely compact solution, allowing hybrid functionality for still pictures and video footage.

Manfrotto launches new FluidTech Base for photo and video Manfrotto says that “when volume and weight need to be minimal, set-up speed is of primary importance, in crowded places where there’s no room for a tripod, or for creative, overhead footage – whenever a tripod is not the option, monopods are the solution. They enable users to quickly and easily move from one shooting point to another, providing stable support to video and photo equipment, ensuring incredibly smooth footage, ultra-sharp photos and creative shooting perspectives.”

This new generation brings image makers the ground-breaking FluidTech – Full Fluid Base, making Manfrotto XPRO Monopod+ the first of its kind on the market featuring fluidity on all 3 axes to deliver ultimate smoothness in an extremely compact solution for advanced video shooting.

When the priority is panning, 3D rotation can be locked in the vertical position, leaving pan movement free and giving additional shooting control (users should remember that the vertical lock does not guarantee full self-standing support when the camera is mounted).

The Fluidtech base easily attaches to the XPRO Photo Monopod+ by unscrewing the foot at the bottom of the monopod, converting the photo monopod into a video monopod for smooth video footage. The base is also available as a kit with all the new XPRO Monopod+ Video monopods. The XPRO Monopod+ Full Fluid Base (MVMXPROBASE) is compatible with all XPRO Photo Monopods+, with the exception of the MMXPROA3B.

The FluidTech Base is available for $99.99.

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