How do you stream? Teradek’s survey gives a VidiU Go live streaming encoder

With live streaming expected to become a $70 billion industry by 2021, a product like Teradek’s VidiU Go is a must if you’re sharing content. Now there is a survey about streaming and the prize is a VidiU Go.

How do you stream? Teradek survey gives a VidiU Go

To celebrate the release of VidiU Go, Teradek has launched a survey asking users how they stream. One winner will, in the end, take the live streaming encoder home.

Designed for businesses, freelancers and enthusiasts seeking the cutting edge of broadcast technology., the new VidiU go from Teradek is not “another streaming device” but a different product, as VidiU Go provides a solution for the problems of delivering high quality stream over the Internet: it offers network bonding. Bonding combines VidiU Go’s Internet sources (two 4G LTE USB modems, Ethernet and WiFi) into a single, robust connection so you can stream with rock-solid dependability. The added redundancy allows you to stream seamlessly in the event of any network issues, meaning you can go live from just about anywhere without having to worry about connectivity.

Featuring 1080p60 HD video and 4G LTE network bonding, the new VidiU Go offers the next generation of video compression, HEVC/H.265, which allows you to either take your video quality to the next level, or save 50% of the required bandwidth of AVC video streams. All this allows users to deliver rock-solid video from anywhere they need to be so they can grow their community with consistently quality content.

How do you stream? Teradek survey gives a VidiU Go

Take the survey

Aware of the speed at which the industry expands, with live streaming  expected to become a $70 billion industry by 2021, Teradek wants to celebrate the release of the VidiU Go, and paving the way for the future, wants to know “how YOU stream, and how this growing industry has changed the way you produce content.”

The invitation on the campaign page, online, is clear “Take Our Survey For a Chance to Win Our All-New VidiU Go”. The “How Do You Stream?” survey is designed so Teradek learns more about how people are interacting with live content online.

At the end of the campaign, the company will select one respondent to take home a free VidiU Go. But you’ve to participate, so click on the link provided and check the survey page, which offers all the information about the campaign. Don’t forget to read the official rules of the contest, and if you’ve any doubts, read the published links on the campaign page for more info about what the VidiU Go can do for your streaming needs.

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