Holy Hackintosh, Batman! Will Apple reprise macOS licensing at NAB 2019? 3
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“Retina belongs on iOS, not on macOS.”

So Mac users should be stuck at 100dpi? Why stop there? Make everyone go back to 72dpi like the good old days, with 1-bit grayscale! If it’s legible there, it’s legible anywhere.

“On macOS, those of us who create graphics for the Internet generally do it for all of the web, most of which does not use Retina displays.”

By that line of thinking, you should remember that the average web browser today is a mobile device. You sure don’t appear to be testing with a mobile connection of average bandwidth. This page (a 1200-word article), for example, somehow takes over 11 megabytes. It doesn’t seem like you really care about those poor users on less-than-stellar hardware.

“Creating and visualizing those graphics on most current Apple Macs that have a built-in screen is unnecessarily cumbersome, knowing that the majority will see them on non-Retina displays. It is much easier to create web graphics on a non-Retina display.”

It’s literally one checkbox: “Open in Low Resolution”. Click. Done. It’s a per-application setting, even. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

“Some Apple Mac users solve that by using an external, non-Retina display, but that is a Band-Aid that should be unnecessary.”

It is unnecessary, and Apple even has documentation on how to do it, on their technote titled “Using a Retina display”. You could have saved yourself a lot of frustration (and the cost of an external display) if you just RTFM.

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