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Gary Zeune

I tried Resolve. The learning curve almost made my brain explode. I’ve edited 200+ hours of video with PD. Best NLE I’ve used but one thing I can’t figure out. I mix a lot of images with video and when I drag images to the timeline they center in the editing window Then I have to drag each one to the left margin. No one know how to change the default position to left margin. Any idea?

Judith McMahan

I have had PD17 for a year and had nothing but problems. I am the type of person who reads manuals. Either I am too stupid to get it or there is something wrong with my copy of the program. I have contacted you before and all I got was I have to go buy a VHS tape cleaner, the tapes I have are dirty. I went and purchased another program and I have not had any problems digitizing my tapes, it has not stopped once in a 2hr tape. Then there is the problem of the slide show I was working on, dropped pictures every time I turned it off, and I had to go through and put half of the pictures on the timeline.I finally got one DVD burned but now I cannot find the finished copy of what I burned.


I want to buy powerdirector but how???

Help me please


I want to buy powerdirector but how???

Please help me


I think it’s ridiculous that there’s no link to buy it it’s so stupid you wasted my time

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