Galaxy S22 Ultra: the most powerful cameras in a smartphone
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I got the 22ultra only because it was the last one at the (only) store near me, and, having bought into the “essential minerals scarcity, along with the “covid affects everything” scarycity I panicked and got it. I was going from an s8 so I was never going to even go for the plus, let alone ultra; but, well, secretly I always wanted to have the upgrade, and actually after I lost my s21 of only 2-3 months I came to the shop looking for the Plus, as I was completely sold on UWB and the prospect of using AR on my camera to locate lost devices.
I totally happy I was sorta kinda forced into the Ultra – it honestly blows me away and delivers the kind of ergonomic speed and accuracy one wishes for when using older, inferior smartphones.
I’m never left wanting even without boosting processing power- that’s a whole new level – apps open and close, tasks perform and writing boxes write as and when you ask and keep up when you make lengthy or complex demands. Where other phones I’ve used would lag and whine – and force you to do less – this one delivers. I know i sound like an ad and I do. It’s weird but anyway this phones mint I was gonna talk about the camera but u get the drift…buy it…ps down with apple open your eyes people that thing be inferior to the inferior players in the Android market. It’s a turd dressed up its “shitsy” the Christmas poo but sold as cool hip what the cool kids I.e. influencers 😫 🤒 😷 🤧 🤢 🤮 😫 🤒 have don’t u want to be cool

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