FXhome announces two new programs: Imerge Pro 2 and Ignite Pro V4.0

Launched last Fall, Imerge Pro is getting 2x faster, with workflow and performance improvements, but FXhome also has the new Ignite Pro V4.0 ready, with new VFX plugins.

FXhome announces Imerge Pro 2 and Ignite Pro V4.0

The world’s first non-destructive RAW image compositor gets a new version, Imerge Pro 2, and FXhome expands its massive library of VFX plugins with the launch of Ignite Pro V4.0. HitFilm Pro 12 is next!

Imerge Pro is now Imerge Pro 2, a version that boosts performance and adds a number of workflow improvements to the original program, the world’s first non-destructive RAW image compositor for Mac and PC, which ProVideo Coalition reviewed recently.

While the goal of the program is the same, meaning that what we wrote continues to be valid, the new version promises to give users a faster workflow, thanks to a series of changes that reflect suggestions from users and the natural evolution of a program that is, yet, on its infancy. FXhome introduced a number of features to “to significantly improve workflow performance and increase the flexibility of artists’ creative workflow.”

When you open the new version you’ll find that there is a newly designed user interface panel for content settings, and also that you now have the ability to put layer control panels on the left instead of right. Renaming Effects is also possible, and metadata can be customized per output in the batch. The general use interface improvements do not stop there, though, as FXhome now allows users to “add H and V keyboard shortcuts for selecting the pointer and hand tool, add number wrap around to spinboxes” and zoom to fit-to largest layer size.

FXhome announces Imerge Pro 2 and Ignite Pro V4.0

Imerge Pro 2 goes faster

Resizing also has new options, as the ability to rescale/translate layers when changing canvas size or the ability to hold shift and preserve aspect ratio for area mask and radial gradients. Layer search as also been improved, allowing users to search by contents, effects and masks inside a layer. Project list supports searching by layer name/contents. FXhome also introduced for new formats (higher quality intermediate formats for transferring to other image processing applications), with Export to OpenEXR, Export to HDR (RGBE) and Export in 16 bit for TIFF and PNG available.

There are other new features that you’ll discover visiting FXhome’s website. One important aspect of Imerge Pro 2 is the way it uses the modern GPUs to accelerate import of RAW files. RAW decoding and processing is better, with improved recovery of blown out highlights.

Two years in the making,  Imerge Pro is a unique tool if you need to work with composite images. FXhome took the most powerful features from industry standard photography software and made them more accessible to all creators in one tool for just $149. The license contains two activations on Mac and PC. Now the tool is even better!

FXhome announces Imerge Pro 2 and Ignite Pro V4.0

New VFX plugins in Ignite Pro V4.0

FXhome also introduced the new Ignite Pro V4.0. Optimized for FXhome’s signature HitFilm editing and VFX software, and compatible across multiple content creation platforms, Ignite Pro V4.0 now includes powerful yet accessible new VFX plugins, including Surface Studio, FXhome’s Andrew Kramer-style ray-traced titling effects, distance field effect and new Imerge Pro plugins.

FXhome is adding a number of Imerge Pro plugins to Ignite V4.0, including Exposure, Outer Glow, Inner Glow and Dehaze. The new Imerge Pro plugins are also tightly integrated with the newly-launched HitFilm v12.0’s interface ensuring smooth, uninterrupted workflows. It also works with all editing platforms, meaning users of editors like Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve editors can add Ignite Pro to their workflow.

Ignite Pro also enables content creators to delve into the world of 360° video with a huge range of advanced 360° enhancements, simulate rain or fire with a powerful particle simulator or grade like a pro with the inbuilt color grading tools, among other things you can discover downloading the demo version. Ignite Pro V4.0 is available immediately and is priced at $199.00. Again, the license contains two activations on Mac and PC.

FXhome announces Imerge Pro 2 and Ignite Pro V4.0

HitFilm Pro 12 is next

FXhome will be back in the news in February 19, again, with the launch of HitFilm Pro 12. Announced as 8x faster than HitFilm 11, the new version, says FXhome,  “will be a whole new beast!”. With a range of massive speed improvements, professional titling tools, sleek new design and more, HitFilm Pro 12 wants to be “The all-in-one editor, compositor, and VFX powerhouse” for PC and Mac.

If you’re curious about the program and want to buy it, you don’t need to wait until February. Buy it this month – January – during the sale, and save money. FXhome will offer you a free upgrade to 12 in February. HitFilm Pro 12 is a new step for a project that started in 2011, when Josh Davies set out on a mission to prove that professional grade post-production tools can be made available to everyone. The result was HitFilm, an all-in-one video editing and visual effects software – at a fraction of the cost of other industry standard tools. 3.2 million users later, FXhome has branched out from leading post-production software tools in the video industry to offer Imerge Pro – image editing software options for photographers, compositors and pro editors alike.

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