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Frame.io introduces 10 new features to improve video collaboration

Used by over 700K filmmakers and media professionals, Frame.io is rolling out 10 new features requested by users that will dramatically improve video collaboration. Discover more at NAB 2019.

Frame.io: 10 new features to improve video collaboration

With the latest update, video professionals using Frame.io  will discover three things: the platform is easier, faster and more secure to use. Discover the new features present in the renewed Frame.io.

When you open Frame.io today, if you have not used it in the last couple of days, you’ll discover some changes.  The company behind the collaboration platform used by over 700K filmmakers and media professionals has introduced 10 new features that, it says, “will dramatically improve how media professionals collaborate on video, from initial upload to final delivery and everything in between. Top user-requested features now available in Frame.io include a new reel player presentation format, @mentions, and support for multi-page PDFs.”

“Nearly four years ago Frame.io came to market with a vision to change the way filmmakers collaborate. We’ve rolled out hundreds of updates along the way, but today, we’re excited to release 10 features that we’ve been dying to ship since day one,” commented Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of Frame.io. “We launched an all-new reel player presentation format, unlocked private comments, and enhanced our version management feature. We also seriously expanded the type of media we support—you can now collaborate on PDFs just like on video, so your entire video workflow can live in Frame.io.”

Frame.io: 10 new features to improve video collaboration

What users say

Speaking about one of the features most requested by users, Jesse Borkowski, Director of Video Strategy, Berklee College of Music Online said this: “Multi-page PDF review has brought the same collaborative review process that we’ve been using for video to documents. Since our team is already using Frame.io to review videos and graphics, the inclusion of multi-page PDFs lets us manage all content reviews in one place. This helps our team quickly form consensus and reduces duplicate work. Everything that we’ve come to rely on for video review is now available for documents in Frame.io.”

“Frame.io has streamlined the creative collaboration process with our team and partners. With all of our content centralized in one place, we are able generate an easy to use presentation which effectively showcases our creative.” added Jason O’Leary, VP Post Production, Fox Sports Marketing, to the series of comments made about the new features.

Frame.io: 10 new features to improve video collaboration

The 10 new features

From improved collaboration to enhanced media support, and new, flexible ways to store and access your media, Frame.io rolled out the following features to take video collaboration to the next level:

Multi-page PDFs

Frame.io users can now collaborate on scripts and storyboards just like on video. Now, entire video projects from the initial brief to the final deliverable, can live in Frame.io. Berklee College of Music has been using this new feature to improve how they collaborate:

Enhanced version management

Frame.io users now have more control over how they manage versions. Reorder or remove versions, all in one simple place.

Private comments

For teams who routinely create a separate review link for internal teams to gather feedback they don’t want clients to see. Internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations, all within the same project.


Users can tag anyone on a project to quickly grab their attention when it’s needed most. Anytime someone is @mentioned, they’ll receive a notification for streamlined communication.

Reel player

Drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy viewing, complete with built-in autoplay. Fox Sports Marketing adopted the reel player presentation format and they’ve already seen success:

Archival storage (beta)

User can now free up more account storage by archiving projects. Original files will be archived but low-res preview files stay online and searchable so users never have to wonder which backups are where. Comment, compare, share—all the Frame.io magic still applies to archived projects. Originals can be restored within a few hours.

Updated review pages (beta)

Frame.io review pages just got a major overhaul. They now include a much simpler interface that makes it easier for clients to leave feedback—no login required.

Redesigned iPhone app

Frame.io’s Apple Design Award-winning iOS app just got a design update. On-the-go users can now enjoy a cleaner and all-around improved app interface.

Short links

No more long and clunky URLs to send to your clients and collaborators. New share URL’s will use a f.io shortlink, making sharing them significantly more friendly.

Account switching

For those users with multiple accounts, Frame.io now offers an ultra simple way to navigate between them on Frame.io.

Frame.io: 10 new features to improve video collaboration

Frame.io at NAB 2019

To share more info with users and all those who want to know more about the platform, Frame.io is going to be at NAB 2019. For the first time ever, Frame.io will have a dedicated booth in South Lower Hall at the 2019 NAB Show. The company suggests that more news will be announced during the Las Vegas event. To know more, get in touch with Frame.io and book a private meeting or product demo . These announcements are just the start!

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