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What is that shoulder rig with a Ronin attached to it?


Looks like it’s maybe this — — though it looks a bit smaller profile in this BTS featurette.


You can get a detailed breakdown here:


Camera itself is not expensive, the expensive part is the people that has to operate a camera. If you bring heavy equipment to a shoot, for example an Alexa XL on a technocrane you end up needing to bring 8 people to operate that equipment, if you bring two or three cameras that quickly adds up to transportation, hotels, salaries and catering costs. In this case we cannot forget that they are shooting on Japan, going lighter means bringing less people and spending money on more shooting days.
So it’s not that unimportant at the end.

Kenny McMillan

I’m still waiting to hear from either Gareth or Greig if there was another camera on set (or Oren, who seems to also be radio silent about it) but the one thing I WILL say is, seeing the trailer in IMAX before Oppenheimer… The image was *so* noisey. Not all the time, but the shadow areas were awash with chroma noise in the darker scenes, which (I suppose unfortunately) does lead me to believe it was a largely FX3 show.

Juan Quevedo Well it seems that it is the main

Felix Martens

I would easily believe that Gareth Edwarts would shoot a big movie entirely on any small camera…
For those who don’t know his story: Gareth is a filmmaker like no other. His career actually took of with his first film “Monsters” that he back then shot with a crew of only a few people on a video-camera with a 35mm-Adapter (yes, the ones from the early days with a a rotating ground-glass that made it possible to use a 35mm photo-lens on a small-chip-videocamera) and did all the visual effects of that movie (it’s an alien-story) by himself on his laptop.
That movie still holds up today and is one of my biggest inspirations as a filmmaker and Gareth just keeps on living that ethic even after having been discovered by the big studios and signing big budget projects.
I can’t think of anyone else who is multi-talented to such a degree in our industry. And he is the living proof that filmmaking is foremost about passion and talent over anything else.


Interesting even more is that the Kowa’s are s35mm anamorphic so not only did they use an FX3, but they cropped in on it! And THEN they plan to release this in IMAX which is even more interesting because it’s in 2.39:1 and shot way under desired resolution for IMAX delivery to begin with, even before the s35 sensor crop. Very curious about all this!

Oliver Peters

Since they shot ProRes RAW with the Atomos, any idea what NLE they used to cut this with? Or what the post pipeline was for the camera original media?


Gareth has confirmed this was the primary camera directly in like 10 interviews that are easily found. It’s okay everyone, you can still drool over other cameras if you want. The needless skepticism is just your own bias at this point not a lack of information.


Gareth has confirmed it like 12 times. The skepticism is just your own bias at this point. Use whatever camera you want. They used an FX3. It’s not a big deal!

Scott Simmons

Uhhh there’s a whole interview with the DP in a much newer article. This was written quite awhile ago.

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