Crimson – third party Red application to help with workflow

Just so’s I’m first to call it – what we’ve been waiting for – Crimson – a helper app to help get conformed clips from Final Cut to Redcine and back, with just the parts we want and need in order. I’m doodlin’ with it, will have a report.

Huh? Whazzat? Whachoo talkin’ bout, Willis? Here’s how he describes it:

Crimson Workflow™ is a tool for transforming sequences created in popular Non-Linear Editing Software, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere. It allows proxies, and offline material to be replaced by higher quality material, by efficiently managing the use of two software products distributed by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, namely Redline and Redcine.

Crimson Workflow™ leverages many tools for troubleshooting less than perfect metadata and file structures giving the user tools to properly reconnect to original material. It also facilitates the use of Redcine after, rather than before editing a project.

Crimson Workflow™ is targeted at smaller productions and individuals. But you might find it useful, no matter how large your production.

What the software will EVENTUALLY do for you (under development, not feature complete yet, this from Ian Bloom’s site):

If you buy this software today, you can expect the following features to be enabled in the near future:

Loading and Saving Workflow Templates
Undo and Redo enabled
Support for AVID XML sequences
Support for Premiere XML sequences
Support for CMX 3600 EDLs
Blind Color Correction Tools Completed
Blind Framing Tools Completed
Support for GlueTools™
Support for the application formerly known as RedTools
Proper handling of speed changes and reverse in XML sequences.
Trimmed R3D Intermediates (as soon as a tool is available)
Timecode and R3D Metadata awareness.
Python Scripting Enabled

Verr Verr Promising.

I first saw it at the Los Angeles Red User Group, as demo’d by Mark and Aldey from OffHollywood, my friends from the East Coast that you may recall I went with when they got the very first Reds ever shipped. They worked with Ian quite a bit to get this software developed, giving feedback and spending a lot of time to get this done.



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