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BeyondPodcasting 4: Adobe Project Rush, LumaFusion & more with Cielo de la Paz

Hear insights into the present and future of mobile production and editing, with Cielo de la Paz.

On BeyondPodcasting episode 4, Allan Tépper converses with Cielo de la Paz (in English) about Adobe’s new Project Rush cross-platform app, how it compares with LumaFusion and other software and hardware for mobile audio and video production. Cielo de la Paz is an award winning multimediographer and the creator of The Storyographist. Ahead you’ll get to hear the entire episode and see a list of all equipment, services and software discussed and/or used to produce this episode, including links to many of them.


Listen to the episode 4 above, or directly at BeyondPodcasting.com

Content discussed:

  • Project Rush cross platform (first article here) vs LumaFusion (several articles here) being potentially more advanced. Motion graphics, camera app in Project Rush, Raw/Log mode in LumaFusion with raw/log mode. FiLMiC Pro’s (several articles here) raw/log mode and integration with DJ Osmo gimbal. Multiple framerates.
  • How long of a project can be easily edited on tablet or smartphone?
  • Using a tablet or smartphone with a large, external matte monitor to get more screen real estate and reduce glare. LumaFusion’s new external program output feature.
  • What’s the best size for a tablet for editing?
  • Using an iPad with a trackpad (i.e. Apple Magic Trackpad). This currently requires jailbreak. However, several features that previously required jailbreaking were later embraced by Apple, i.e. unlocked iPhone and lowercase keyboard display on iOS.
  • Matte (anti-glare) display or screen protector. iCarez and PaperLike (to be reviewed soon).
  • Potential pricing of Project Rush.
  • Rigs: Joby GorrillaPod Mobile Rig (Amazon), The iOgrapher, The Padcaster.
  • Using single or multi microphones with mobile devices: Y versus multitrack versus automix mixers.
  • Pronunciation of Californian places used to name macOS operating systems and its relation to languages: Tagalog, the most spoken Philippine language and Castilian, the world’s most widely used Spanish language.

Audio hardware and software discussed and used in this episode:

  • RØDE M5 microphone (AmazonB&H) to be reviewed soon, used by Allan Tépper.
  • Shure A81WS enormous windscreen/pop filter (AmazonB&H) covered in many articles and used in countless US presidential inaugurations.
  • Tascam US–1X2 preamp/A-D converter interface (AmazonB&H) to be reviewed soon, used by Allan Tépper.
  • Cleanfeed.net (reviewed here) used to link Allan and Cielo and record them at 48 kHz on separate tracks.
  • Blue Yeti microphone (AmazonB&H) used by Cielo de la Paz.
  • Auphonic.com used by Allan Tépper.
  • Hindenburg Journalist Pro multitrack editor (reviewed and covered in many articles) used by Allan Tépper.
  • Izotope RX6 Advanced (review pending, B&H retail priceB&H educational price) used by Allan Tépper.
  • Audio MIDI settings in macOS to set audio sampling frequency of connected devices to 48 kHz.
  • Status Audio CB–1 brandable isolating studio headphones (reviewed here, Amazon) used by Allan Tépper.
  • SiteGround hosting (used by Allan Tépper for several websites/online radio/podcasts, including BeyondPodcasting)

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