Avid ceased all sales in Russia and Belarus
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Andrew Smith

Avid can be all “strive to make the world a better place” kumbaya but we all know that this will have negligible impact as any AVID edit sites are already set up and running.

At best this is a shallow “me too” piling on which is trivial to bypass for anyone sufficiently motivated, and at worst a new editing station can be set up with competitor software instead.

Michael Jarden

Totally. Russians can’t even afford a latte from Starbucks right now, much less Avid licenses. So this is pointless (and even worse, meaningless) virtue signaling. If Avid really wanted to make a difference, they’d pledge 100% of their net profits to displaced refugees…

“Whoa buddy. We #support Ukraine. But we don’t actually support them.”

Gregg McVicar

As a long-time Pro Tools customer, this is important to me. So thank you AVID for taking this step.

Dyadya Vanya

well guys i’m russian, i’m not pro-war (any war at all if you must no) and i can afford coffee from sturbucks but don’t like it, so i buy italian

as to about anybody joining the sanctions there is something you should know

firstly, international sellers started to join this metoo-ing against russia ONLY after international bank operations became impossible for regular russians (like literally on the same day with that new regulation within the international banking system) i.e. we currently can’t pay for anything outside russia, so nobody can sell us anything and economically joining the sanctions doesn’t make any difference for them, they are already at loss so why not as well say “fuck you” to the russians who paid for their products and have no tech support now…
like after that we go and remove putin from kremlin just because avid sibelius is no longer available – seruiously, what’s the point here? we just start downloading a cracked version, what the heck, nothing to lose for us here either now

secondly, avid and many other software developers use ukranian coders because those are very good (ever heard of ukranian hackers? also outstanding, i’m talking from personal expirience) and at the same time very cheap compare to let’s say american or european so of course when those coders literally demanded from their employers to take action and since again economically it was of no difference at the current situation because they can’t sell to russia anyway, some companies decided to “make a statement”

thirdly, and what’s actually is perhaps most important here, bombs are being dropped in many parts of the world pretty much every week, and most of these bombs dropped are – let’s be honest about it – american (30 counties for the last 50 years if i’m not mistaken that were under direct US army attack) so where were and are all these so nice and so concerned about destinies of the world people every time it happens? i suppose we know the answer to that…
and yeah, don’t you start that justice and democracy for all talk – whose justice and democracy? the proverbial 1% of the population that holds wealth equal to the rest of 99%?

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