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Nick Nicholson

Having been authorized to install a BM ATEM Mini Pro at our church, your article was of great benefit to me. We have a 100Mbps available so our upload quality should be excellent.

Thank you again for your persistence!

Mike S

Your post was very helpful. The ATEM can be a bit wonky without this knowledge. I stream to Mixcloud and they prefer 720p but my ATEM won’t output that obviously. I have stability problems in my streams if I use the High profile but if I go to Medium, things are OK. This is on a FiOS 60/60 connection! What works against me is the default based on the camera it sees, so if I have my gopros on initially, things get messy and I seem to have no control of it. I think in combination to your advice, I can set the output in ATEM software control to force the output rate instead of using Auto (I think). If not, I have to test to see how I can fire things up in an order that will allow me greater control of the bit and frame rates.

The one question I do have which I can’t seem to find anything on is the Audio bitrate. Mixcloud allows for a max 320 k. ATEM’s profiles are set to 128, yet my streams up to them only register 64. Nothing I do helps. I use a mic input in ‘line’ mode to capture the audio from the DJ rig. Any ideas or thoughts on this?

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