Live streaming essentials from your multicam studio

Here are the details you need when planning to stream live from your your multicam studio.

 Live streaming from TriCaster 605

This article will cover details you need to know to plan for live streaming, whether from a standard TriCaster or one upgraded to include the TriCaster Advanced Edition. You’ll learn everything you need to know in terms of framerates, CDN (Content Distribution Networks), multi-tier fallback Internet connections, and how to reach more viewers and attract different audiences by live streaming to multiple platforms and services simultaneously, thanks to the optional TriCaster Advanced Edition.

Live webcasting to the general public has expanded and transformed the world of television. Now a live video broadcast can be shared to worldwide audiences with a relatively tiny investment. The live webcasting market also brings us many creative and moneymaking opportunities. With its built-in encoder, the NewTek TriCaster acts as the first required element, but there are many other details to take into account, so I wrote this article to prepare you for them.

Sections in this article

  • A very short course in television framerates
  • Fundamentals of live webcasting
    • What’s a CDN?
    • Why do I need a CDN?
    • Mitigating risks
    • How much bandwidth do you need to stream live?
  • Publish your highlight video clips to multiple social networks simultaneously with TriCaster Advanced Edition

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