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With a firmware update, do you see the ATEM Mini Pro capable of sending the multiview through the USB or Ethernet connection instead? It would be amazing for two reasons – view the Multiview on a laptop screen and minimize screens necessary to take to some gigs, and also to free up the HDMI port to act as an AUX to send camera or powerpoint/videos to a big screen during events or confidence monitor.. or even record a prores program version.

Krzysztof Rudnicki

I tried recordingt from AtemMini Pro and must say it is a very low quality, in practice unusable for serious recording. Is there a possibility to configure recording bitrate settings in similar way like the streaming.xml file?

thank you. I also see solution for recording program video from multi camera switcher. I have Yolobox and it have weak bitrate also. other switchers don’t tested yet


ISP upload bandwidth changes all the time here. At times it is very slow.
We want high quality audio and medium quality video streaming on Facebook. ¿Can edit the xml file to create option for 720p or less with 3Mbs data rate? ¿Will audio then stay highest? Or ¿is another place to set audio bitrate different from video?
Thank you

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