AJA Video Systems: new products unveiled at IBC 2019

AJA took to IBC 2019 with a series of new products, including a new SDI router, Frame Synchronizer, openGear cards and HD Analyser. Here are some notes about the new solutions from AJA.

AJA Video System: new products unveiled at IBC 2019

Announced at IBC 2019, AJA’s KUMO 6464-12G opens new options for signal routing, while the new HDR Image Analyzer 12G, bring 12G-SDI connectivity to AJA’s powerful real-time HDR monitoring.

AJA Video Systems debuted the KUMO 6464-12G at IBC 2019, because the reception to previous models and the growing needs of the market made it logical to introduce a high capacity 12G-SDI signal routing for increased bandwidth and higher-resolutions. Featuring 64x 12G-SDI inputs and 64x 12G-SDI outputs for high quality, cost-effective signal routing, KUMO 6464-12G suits a range of broadcast, production, post, and proAV environments and allows professionals to take advantage of the scalability, security, and increased bandwidth that 12G-SDI provides.

“Interest in 12G-SDI is surging among live production and post professionals as workflows grow more complex with increasing adoption of UltraHD, HDR and even 8K. The positive response to our KUMO 1616-12G and KUMO 3232-12G routers reinforced the need for increased capacity 12G routing, so naturally, we’re excited to announce KUMO 6464-12G with 64 inputs and 64 outputs, especially for environments where compact size and substantial routing capacity are critical,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

AJA Video System: new products unveiled at IBC 2019

New KUMO and HDR Image Analyser 12G

With KUMO 6464-12G, professionals can easily route and control video with embedded audio to/from BNC connections with auto reclocking of SDI rates. The KUMO routers can be configured for ganged dual and quad-port routing, so that users can easily combine multiple inputs and outputs for Dual Link, 4K, UltraHD and 8K workflows, enabling seamless routing of uncompressed, compressed, or Raw 4K signals throughout a facility.

The company also unveiled at IBC 2019 the new HDR Image Analyzer 12G, bringing 12G-SDI connectivity to its powerful real-time HDR monitoring and analysis platform developed in partnership with Colorfront. The new product streamlines 4K/UltraHD HDR monitoring and analysis workflows by supporting the latest high-bandwidth 12G-SDI connectivity.

HDR Image Analyzer 12G offers waveform, histogram and vectorscope monitoring and analysis of 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD, HDR and WCG content for broadcast and OTT production, postproduction, QC and mastering. It also features HDR capable monitor outputs that go beyond HD resolutions and offer incredible color accuracy for creating perfect video in addition to the ability to configure layouts to place the preferred tool where needed.

FS-Mini Frame Synchronizer

“Since its release, HDR Image Analyzer has powered HDR monitoring and analysis for a number of feature and episodic projects around the world. In listening to our customers and the industry, it became clear that a 12G version would streamline that work, so we developed the HDR Image Analyzer 12G which we’re proud to showcase at IBC this year,” shared Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

AJA’s production proven video I/O technology integrates with respected HDR analysis tools from Colorfront in a compact 1RU chassis to bring HDR Image Analyzer 12G users a comprehensive toolset to monitor and analyze HDR formats, including PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). HDR Image Analyzer 12G marks the third technology collaboration between AJA and Colorfront, following the release of HDR Image Analyzer and the integration of Colorfront Engine into AJA’s FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter. Colorfront has exclusively licensed its Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer software to AJA for HDR Image Analyzer and HDR Image Analyzer 12G.

At IBC 2019 AJA also launched the FS-Mini Frame Synchronizer, a broadcast quality utility frame sync that packs the production-proven AJA FS frame sync technology into a portable Mini-Converter. FS-Mini supports frame synchronization and up, down, cross-conversion of untimed 3G-SDI, HD and SD video signals.

New openGear compatible cards

Users can synchronize and convert a wide range of video formats to their house standard with a 3G-SDI input and output, HDMI output, and a two-channel RCA style audio output. The Mini-Converter also features a reference input that can be used to lock a local reference and can be easily controlled via local DIP switches or USB and AJA’s Mini-Config application.

During the Amsterdam event AJA also revealed three new openGear compatible cards, including the OG-FS-Mini, OG-ROI-DVI and OG-ROI-HDMI. OG-FS-Mini fuses the functionality of AJA’s newly announced FS-Mini frame synchronizer Mini-Converter with the openGear architecture, while OG-ROI-DVI and OG-ROI-HDMI support DVI or HDMI to SDI region-of-interest scaling, scan conversion and image rotation in the openGear format. Each card is designed for use in openGear 2RU frames, and can be remotely configured, monitored and controlled over a PC or local network using Ross DashBoard software.

KONA gets new Desktop Software

AJA announced that Desktop Software v15.5 for KONA, Io and T-TAP products is coming soon. The free update features key performance enhancements that provide video professionals with enhanced creative freedom and workflow flexibility across Windows, Linux and macOS, with improvements including full 2SI SMPTE raster support for 8K, RGB support for 8K capture and playback and new HDR Test Patterns in AJA Control Room.

Desktop Software v15.5 boasts full compatibility with macOS Catalina, and new support for Metal on macOS. These enhancements mean increased speed and creative support on Mac laptops and workstations including the new Mac Pro, where KONA 5 with its support for resolutions all the way up to 8K is a sure-fire winning partner.

To read more information about prices and availability of the new products, visit AJA Video Systems website.

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