After Effects & Performance. Part 7: Introducing AErender 3
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That was very helpful, thank you.

Nevertheless, spent 4 hours today trying to get AERender to work (just a test with 2 PCs with access to our file-server).

Hopeless -> after collecting the files on the master PC the watchfolder panel of the “slave”/render machine just keeps trying to read the collected files all over again…and fails to start rendering.

Tried different paths. Also tried the domain admin accounts on both PCs (you never know what those pesty domain permissions do to your stuff).

2-3 complete crashes thrown in for fun.

Hopeless and frustrating, especially after the last attempt to use the AE Network Renderer around 2010.

Unbelievable, that Adobe, with all it´s stock market value, still isn´t able improve such a vital app feature like network/multimachine rendering!

But I will try Renderboss tomorrow first thing. Someone must have figured it out by now…

cheers, Rainer

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