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So do you think the M1 or M1x will force a rewrite? This program is a fossil.


Wery interesting and in-depth article series with good technical and historical coverage! While I usually dislike proprietary software – basic principles still remain the same, so problems faced by one type of compositing software (AE) will be applicable to our software doing similar work (I helped a bit in developing Cinelerra-gg, NLE/simple compositor for Linux. Namely I talked our main and only delevoler back when he was alive ( :-() into implementing compression setting for PNGs, so you can have big pngs with small compression or small pngs with high compression – 9 levels!)

Nowadays I hack around corners at like 1 line of code per day.. on arm tablet! First and last searchable result about Cinelerra on this site was from 2008 (?) and not very in-depth. I know people complain about outdated ui/workflow concepts, and lack of features – but having up-to-date list of pro complains/bugreports still useful thing to have, I think…

In theory ui can be previewed in virtual machine, like virtualbox for pc or qemu on macOS.

Jo Lord

Brilliant. Thanks so much for the well thought out and experimented information.

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