Affinity Publisher is coming: an affordable desktop publishing app

Photographers who need desktop publishing tools will be glad to know that Affinity Publisher is coming on Wednesday 19 June, with a keynote presentation at Affinity Live 2019.

Affinity Publisher

Serif’s most ambitious app yet, Affinity Publisher, is officially launched this June, and there is an exclusive early access offer and 20% discount for pre-orders for this affordable alternative to Adobe InDesign.

Creating eBooks, booklets, brochures and single page adds has always been part of my work as a photographer. With the DTP tools available in recent years, photographers had a chance to use their photographs in multiple ways. Lightroom introduced a solution to create eBooks and .pdf documents to send to a printer, but those looking for more sophisticated alternatives had to use an app like InDesign. Now, finally, there will be an alternative, and it will cost you $54.99 or just $39.99 if you decide to pre-order before June 19. It’s a perpetual license with no strings attached.

It’s Serif’s most ambitious app yet, and one that has taken a long time to develop. The first rumors about Affinity Publisher appeared as early as 2014, when Affinity Designer, the first Affinity app, was released. The idea of an Affinity Suite gained shape with the introduction, in 2015, of Affinity Photo. The trio is now about to be completed, with Affinity Publisher.

Affinity Publisher is my new DTP app

Having tried the various beta versions of Affinity Publisher during the development phase, I found the app easy to use, very similar to InDesign, which I know from having used it for years, both to create printed magazines, back in 2000, and eBooks in recent years. That’s the reason why I pre-ordered my version immediately after it was announced. Publisher is going to be my DTP app to create promotional materials and eBooks. I believe it offers the kind of tools most people will need to create their projects.

Although I keep the latest beta version running on my computer, I am excited by the idea of having the final version, as it will include some features that will be a surprise. Affinity Publisher will be launched during a keynote presentation at Affinity Live 2019, to be streamed live from the company’s HQ on Wednesday 19 June. Then, Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson will be revealing its unique, revolutionary capabilities—including features that haven’t been available in the beta version—during the live-streamed keynote presentation.

Pre-order and get the app before launch

Serif spent the last 9 months putting Affinity Publisher through its paces in the biggest public beta the company has ever done. In recent weeks they added final touches, not seen on the beta versions, and  the app will be launched on the 19th June with a 20% discount! To make sure you don’t miss out on this early bird offer you can pre-order now.

Serif is confident that Affinity Publisher will revolutionise desktop publishing in the same way Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer have shaken up professional photo editing and graphic design. Affinity Publisher will go on general sale at 6.15pm BST on Wednesday 19 June. However, customers who pre-order now will be able to download the full version of Affinity Publisher two hours earlier, at 4pm BST.

Follow the link to pre-order Affinity Publisher on Mac or Windows, for the discount price of $39.99.

To stream the Affinity Live keynote presentation by Serif Managing Director Ashley Hewson, go to

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