ZHIYUN CRANE 4: a gimbal for DSLR and cinema cameras
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Troy Phillips

No wonder the Crane 2S has been on sale so cheap. I purchased one of those. I a Moza Air ii and it came doa. The battery inside the handle won’t work for some reason. It shows it’s charged. The Moza will briefly turn on while on the charger. Now I cannot even get the Zhyiun to work . I think it an app I have to download to make it work or something. Why can’t these things just turn on and work like my old Moza used to . But every time it needed an app update it would start messing up while using it . Dying or loosing power to a motor or shaking.
The ol SteadyCam sled is a pick er up n to deal these should be also . Simplicity is key to working professionally in the field . Thing’s just need to work. They ain’t gotta have the fanciest moves just the ones that are needed to get the job done.

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