ZEISS DigiPrime® and DigiZoom™ Lenses Capture Benjamin Button


Pioneering director David Fincher and cinematographer Claudio Miranda have earned numerous prestigious award nominations for the motion picture “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Fincher’s epic undertaking is the first, mainly digital feature to secure Best Picture and Best Cinematography Academy Award nominations.

The team paired Zeiss DigiPrime® and DigiZoom™ lenses with both Viper and Sony F23 cameras.”Zeiss DigiPrimes and DigiZooms are sharp, clean, reliable and rugged-a necessary combination when you’re working with a creative director like David Fincher,” explains Miranda, who has garnered cinematography nominations from 5 separate institutions, including the American Society of Cinematographers.

For Kim Marks, nominated for the Operator of the Year Award from the Society of Operating Cameramen, the pairing of Zeiss DigiZoom lenses with the HD cameras was a perfect match. “The amazing flat field-of-view and lack of lens aberrations toward the wide end of the zoom made it possible for us to use many of the beautiful practical locations we had in New Orleans,” Marks explains. “The fast speed of the lenses helped with huge night exteriors, and on the interiors, helped by limiting the depth-of-field — creating the beautiful soft palate of color and texture David and Claudio desired.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with directors like David Fincher and cinematographers like Claudio Miranda, who are not afraid to push the technology envelope while maintaining the aesthetic and craft of filmmaking,” says Michael Bravin, Chief Technology Officer for Band Pro Film & Digital. Band Pro partners with Carl Zeiss to market the lenses, which are expressly designed to make the most of the camera’s 2/3″ sensor.

The Carl Zeiss 2/3″ DigiPrime family features eleven lenses from 3.9mm to135mm. The DigiZooms are available in 6-24mm T1.9 and the 17-112mm T1.9 Telephoto.

For more information about Zeiss DigiPrime and DigiZoom lenses, contact: Band Pro Film & Digital, 3403 West Pacific Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505, Phone: 818/841-9655, e-mail: info@bandpro.com

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