Wipe the Slate Clean with All-New Subtle Animated Backgrounds

Digital Juice releases Animated Canvases™ Collection 11: Clean Slates with instant download and boxed DVD product options

Digital Juice® has announced the release of Animated Canvases™ Collection 11: Clean Slates, available as either an Instant Download or boxed DVD product. Animated Canvases are subtle background animations that are designed to be the foundation for any video or motion graphics project. In this new collection, video editors and motion graphics designers will find a unique mix of subtle animated backgrounds specifically designed to give editors a clean slate to build on, a backdropthat can help them highlight and frame their text, videos and images.


“We believe the soul of every presentation or production is defined by its background,” says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. “These 43 backgrounds, in HD and SD resolutions, offer a subtle yet exciting mix of animated light, color and texture that creates a perfect backdrop for everything from product promos, wedding videos and network logo spots to corporate presentations, DVD menus and more!”

In the all-new Animated Canvases Collection 11: Clean Slates, users will find a variety of styles, colors and textures ranging from a grungy industrial stage set showered in molten hot sparks, to a chilly cloud-covered horizon that is being pelted with fresh snowflakes – to name just a few of the many useful and creative looks in this package. All of the designs feature an artistic use of color, form and motion that makes them interesting and attractive to look at on their own, yet subtle enough not to overpower any text, video or images an editor may add to communicate a message to his or her audience.

Users will find 43 pre-rendered SD and HD animated QuickTime files in Animated Canvases Collection 11: Clean Slates. The average length of an animation in this collection is 15 seconds and the format is compatible with all non-linear editing tools on both Mac and Windows platforms. “By using these subtle background animations, you can steer your project in the right direction, allowing it to meet your expectations while maintaining the professional, sophisticated feel you demand,” says Hebel. “Animated Canvases provide an environment that enhances your video and text and makes your material stand out.”

What is Included

  • 43 HD & 43 SD Pre-rendered Animated QuickTime files
  • 2 DVDs
  • 11.5 GB
  • Available as either Instant Download or Boxed DVD Product
  • Average animation length of 15 seconds
  • Compatible with all non-linear editing tools
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Requires Juicer version 3.89b or above

Browse, Search & Select
Digital Juice® provides a free Windows® and Mac® utility, Juicer™ 3, that makes it easy to browse, search, and select from any of the Animated Canvases™ collections. Juicer™ 3 allows users to search for content using keywords and then preview or audition individual animations within the Juicer™ 3 browser without having to first load the full resolution files into their editing systems. The Juicer™ 3 technology allows users to render the animations to any desired format. The Juicer also makes this product compatible with any computer based non-linear editor with a DVD-ROM drive.

Pricing & Availability
The new Animated Canvases™ Collection 11: Clean Slates can be ordered through Digital Juice’s online store (www.digitaljuice.com) on DVD or as an Instant Download. The package’s retail price is $199.95 but it can be purchased in special promotions for as much as 50% off. Check the website for details on specials.

About Digital Juice®

Digital Juice® is the world leader in royalty-free broadcast animation content for video, motion graphics and multimedia professionals. Digital Juice® products are in use in nearly every major studio, broadcast, and cable station including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HBO, CNBC, Fox News, and countless high profile television shows such as American Idol and the Grammy Awards. The company provides royalty-free animations, music, stock footage, organic film effects, graphical fonts, layered Photoshop® illustrations, background image collections, plug-ins and production gear to a wide variety of video, motion graphics, print and web enthusiasts. The company is known for its extremely high quality and innovative content as well as for its aggressive and affordable pricing.

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