Why is everyone angry with Nvidia after the RTX 4000 series announcement? 1
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I’m mad because they DIDN’T upgrade the NVDEC part, which means they still dont’t support HW-decoding of compressed 4:2:2 codecs, nor some 4:2:0 formats.

Intels latest iGPU and Arc eGPUs both do that, not to mention Apples M1/M2 chips, which makes a HUGE difference in realtime video editing performance!

Not spending more money on Nvidia until they address that.


No there is nothing to be excited about its business as usual, people should stop assuming a tech giant works for them and has their best interests at heart.

The 4000 series requires a complete computer upgrade for one, secondly with M$ interference Nvidia have crippled the driver support on older Windows. So don’t throw away your 3000 series if you plan to get one. The biggest question is though is it even worth the upgrade, depending who you ask I would personally say no. We can even say the technology is a step down from previous generation so not worth it to me.

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