Think Tank Photo: new Vision shoulder bags and a rolling case for C-stands

The new Vision shoulder bags sized for professional lenses and a rolling case designed for storing and transporting stands of any kind are the new products from Think Tank Photo.

Think Tank Photo: new Vision bags and a rolling case

Whether you need a camera bag to carry your gear or a big rolling case to carry four C-stands in an easy way, Think Tank Photo has a solution: meet the Vision series and the Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case.

If you want to get a new shoulder bag for 2019, Think Tank Photo just announced the new “Vision” shoulder bag series, said to blend form with function. These bags, named after an essential skill for photography and video – Vision, that is – are designed to keep all your gear in one place, “so you can turn your vision into a great image”.

Available in three sizes, the new Think Tank Photo Vision shoulder bag series is designed for users who are always concerned with the security of their gear. Think Tank Photo has continued to explore solutions that offer capacity but also security, and the Vision family presents a zippered top closure, so your gear will stay safe and in place. This Internal zippered flap also provides a secure closure for additional weather and theft protection, and tucks away when not in use.

Think Tank Photo: new Vision bags and a rolling case

Three sizes, Vision 10, 13 and 15

Sized for professional lenses, the Vision shoulder bag series fits wide variety of DSLR and Mirrorless camera kits in a customizable padded divider system, providing ample room for pro-sized lenses and hoods. The shoulder bags also feature dedicated pockets for smartphones, 10-inch tablets, and laptops up to 15 inches (Vision 10 = 10” tablet only, Vision 13 = 10” tablet + 13” laptop, Vision 15 = 10” tablet + 15”laptop). All three shoulder bags offer tripod attachment straps, which attach to web loops on the bottom of the bag.

A luggage handle pass-through and reinforced top grab handle make the Vision a versatile traveling companion when attached to your roller, of which Think Tank Photo also has a series available. Other standout features include a comfortable shoulder strap, waterproof tarpaulin bottom, expandable water bottle pocket and a rain cover. Constructed with durable yet stylish weather-resistant materials, the Vision offers access, security, and the quality you’ve come to expect from Think Tank Photo.

“Great photography begins with a vision,” said Doug Murdoch, Think Tank Photo’s President and lead designer. “The Vision shoulder bag series is designed to fit DSLR and Mirrorless camera gear with pro-sized lenses and hoods, making an ideal carry solution for professional and aspiring photographers alike.”

Think Tank Photo: new Vision bags and a rolling case

The new Stand Manager 52

For studio photographers or anyone who needs to transport lighting stands, those heavy, cumbersome and hard to transport accessories many can not live without, Think Tank Photo also introduced its new solution for transporting stands of any kind, the Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case. Transporting light stands is as much about protecting your car and your fingers as it is easily moving them, and Think Tank Photo believes the Stand Manager 52 rolling case is an ideal solution now made available.

The Stand Manager 52 Rolling Case holds up to 4 turtle base C-stands, multiple traditional light stands, or modifiers up to 52” long. With a truly innovative design – the Stand Manager 52 has both internal tiedowns and exterior compression straps to secure your stands. With four padded handles, shock-absorbing wheels and rear skid rails, the case is also easy to load while transporting to and from your location shoot. The Stand Manager 52 is one of the most durable and protective cases you can own, says Think Tank Photo.

“C-stands are heavy, oddly shaped and difficult to transport,” said Doug Murdoch. “With the Stand Manager 52, you can fit up to 4 C-stands in a highly durable rolling case, making them much easier to transport.”

Think Tank Photo: new Vision bags and a rolling case

The essential features

Here are some of the key features of the Stand Manager 52 rolling case:

  • Crush resistant ABS twin-wall provides end-to-end reinforcement
  • Oversized, shock-absorbing wheels roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest conditions
  • 52” of internal height for those extra-large modifiers or gel rolls
  • Multiple tie-down straps secure your stands on the inside of the bag
  • Expands and contracts to fit your gear
  • Four exterior handles for easier lifting and loading
  • Built tough with highest quality materials (#10 YKK RC Fuse zippers, 1680D ballistic nylon and ABS Twinwall reinforcement) and proven high-quality construction
  • Large interior pocket for umbrellas or small modifiers
  • Roomy interior for a few sandbags
  • Rear skid rails and tall wheel housings allow you to load and unload from a vehicle with ease
  • Reinforced bottom panel holds up to heavy stand abuse
  • Clam shell opening gives unencumbered access to gear
  • Lockable zippers (lock not included)
  • User replaceable wheels and hardware

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