Teradek Bolt 4K: 8x the performance of current wireless video systems

The first 4K HDR wireless video system providing uncompressed, zero-latency (<1ms) transmission, the Bolt 4K defines a whole new category of wireless video systems.

Teradek Bolt 4K: 8x the performance of other wireless video systems

Announced at NAB 2019, the Bolt 4K from Teradek is now available, offering 8x the reliability of previous HD models, 1.5x more range, and superior image quality.

Able to deliver uncompressed 2160p60 HDR video transmission with zero delay, the new revolutionary solution from Teradek was on show, for the first time, at NAB 2019. Bolt 4K elevates the standard for all cable-free workflows, says Teradek. It offers “incredible wireless image quality”, “lossless real-time transmission” and “enhanced detail with 4K HDR” being “more reliable, with longer range”, and includes a new iOS app for remote configuration.

Bolt 4K is the first 4K HDR wireless video system providing uncompressed, zero-latency (<1ms) transmission. Unique to Bolt 4K is interoperability, allowing any model range to transmit and receive from the other (i.e. a Bolt 4K 750 is compatible with a Bolt 4K 1500). Bolt 4K transmits 10-bit, 4:2:2 HDR video at a range of up to 1,500 feet line-of-sight over the unlicensed 5GHz band, and can multicast to 6 receivers simultaneously, more than previous systems, without sacrificing image quality or reliability. It’s not just a matter of quantity. On set, you want as many eyes on the shot as possible. With Bolt 4K, send video to up to 6x receivers so you can give the Director, DOP, AC, DIT and everyone on set the ability to monitor at any resolution up to DCI 4K.

A free iOS app to control Bolt 4K

For HDR workflows, Bolt 4K supports the HDR-10, PQ, and HLG standards and can transport extended camera metadata, timecode, and record triggers over the wireless link. Like Teradek’s existing Bolt devices, Bolt 4K offers the industry’s best protection against prying eyes with AES-256 encryption and RSA 1024 key pairing. Combined, these two technologies ensure nobody can decrypt your wireless feed or connect another receiver to your system without explicit authorization.

To further simplify the use of wireless video on set, Teradek launched a free iOS application to manage and monitor every parameter of Bolt 4K in real-time, from the convenience of a smartphone. Simply connect to Bolt 4K via Bluetooth to manage transmitter/receiver pairing, wireless channel selection, and the application of 3D LUTs. The app also offers a real-time quality & range analyzer to determine the best transmission distance for a given area as well as the popular 5GHz spectrum analyzer to detect congestion on specific channels.

Bolt 4K are now shipping for $3,990 (Bolt 4K 750) and $7,990 (Bolt 4k 1500).

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