Technomax Uses Blackmagic To Build 4K Studio

Tokyo’s Technomax Inc. has built a new 4K production and post production studio using DaVinci Resolve Studio, Teranex Express and DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, along with a number of other Blackmagic products.

new rack mountTechnomax is a production company specializing in location shooting, studio and post production for affiliate TV Tokyo, BS Japan and other Japanese broadcasters and satellite channels. Technomax installed the Blackmagic Design products as the basis for their new 4K services, using DaVinci Resolve Studio for grading and editing in the Technomax Video Center, one of their facilities. 

The new editing features in DaVinci Resolve Studio gave Technomax cause to build their new video center focusing on editing and color correction. Included in the upgrade were Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G and UltraStudio 4k I/O devices, Teranex Express for video processing and conversions, Smart Videohub 20×20 and Smart Control router technology and a Mini Converter SDI Multiplex 4K to convert 6G-SDI to quad 1.5G-SDI.

Technomax’s Video Center includes six edit suites, which they use for news, variety shows, sports and music programs. 

Sosuke Kojima, the manager of Video Center sales division, said: “We had some projects designed to promote 4K, so we created 4K content with our allied companies using DaVinci Resolve to handle data management and data cloning. We strongly felt the demand to build a 4K system as the industry moves on to file based and higher resolution production, and for 4K content creation, grading and editing in 4K is a must. As we have already used Resolve and were well aware of Resolve’s reputation, we decided to acquire a full DaVinci Resolve system.”

To support its Resolve suite, which needs to be able to migrate between MAC and Windows, Technomax uses the UltraStudio 4K connected to a Mac Pro for Thunderbolt based I/O. A Smart Videohub 20 x 20, controlled with the Smart Control, is used for distribution via Mini Converter Multiplex 4K from the UltraStudio. The DeckLink 4K Extreme is installed in a Z840 workstation used for 4K60p workflow and its output is connected to Teranex Express for converting 12G-SDI to quad 3G-SDI, which is also connected to the Smart Videohub router. 

Tomohiro Suzuki, an editor, said: “I’ve been using NLE software and I found Resolve is designed with the best aspects of NLE, making Resolve a quick start for most first time users, without confusion. Resolve is designed as a simple step of Media, Edit, Color and Deliver. Users can easily switch each page to accomplish their task.”

“4K content production means shifting to higher resolution and higher frame rate. And it also requires us to handle higher color space and higher dynamic range of footage. We would like to make great use of those Blackmagic products to contribute to this industry,” concluded Kojima.

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Blackmagic Design creates the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and real time film scanners for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink capture cards launched a revolution in quality and affordability in post production, while the company’s Emmy™ award winning DaVinci color correction products have dominated the television and film industry since 1984. Blackmagic Design continues ground breaking innovations including 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI products and stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD workflows. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and Australia. For more information, please go to

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