Supersphere debuts VR flypacks at NAB 2018

Immersive live streaming flypacks from Supershere make it to NAB 2018, while the company announces a partnership with Teleos Media enabling integrated VDN and live encoding.

Supersphere debuts VR flypacks at NAB 2018

Designed to take the complexity out of immersive live production, the new 12G glass-to-glass flypacks optimized for live VR/360° streaming from Supersphere will be showcased at the 2018 NAB Show.

Supersphere, a leading VR/360° production studio, will debut its 12G glass-to-glass flypacks optimized for live VR/360° streaming at this year’s NAB Show, in Las Vegas. These cutting edge multi-geometry (mesh/rectilinear/equirectangular) flypacks can handle 360°, 180°, 4K, or HD production and seamlessly mix and match each geometry, and include built-in VDN (video distribution network) encoding and delivery for live streaming to any platform or custom player.

Supersphere’s immersive live streaming flypacks include:

  •  Cutting Edge Cameras: Each flypack is standard equipped with Z CAM K1 Pro 180° cameras and Z CAM S1 Pro 360° cameras, and customizable to any camera as productions demand.
  •  Flexible Switchers: Equipped with Blackmagic’s latest ATEM Production Studio 4K live production switchers to facilitate multi-camera live production across a range of video sources.
  •  End-to-End VR Workflow: Assimilate SCRATCH VR Z enables real time geometry, stitching, color grading, finishing, and ambisonic audio.
  •  Integrated Transcoding and Delivery: Offering fully integrated transcoding and delivery, Teleos Media’s VDN (Video Distribution Network) delivers immersive experiences to any device, anywhere, with instant start experience, sustained 16 Mbps at high frame rates, and 4K + VR resolutions. Clients can easily build custom 360° video players on their websites or apps as a destination for live-streamed content, in addition to streaming directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

“These flypacks provide an incredibly robust workflow that takes the complexity out of immersive live production – capable of handling the data required for stunning high resolution projects in one flexible end-to-end package,” said Lucas Wilson, Founder and Executive Producer at Supersphere. “Plus with Teleos’ powerful VDN capabilities, we make it easy for any client to live stream high-end content directly to whatever device or app best suits their customers’ needs, including the option to quickly build custom, fully integrated 360° live players.”

“We are excited to partner with Supersphere to bring content owners a flawless VR live and VOD experience delivering video to any connected device,” said Vaibhav Malawade, CEO of Teleos Media. “Supersphere’s 12G flypack, powered by Teleos Media’s TrueLiveTM high-performance video encoders, can customize to any VR format for the best possible viewing experience.”

Supersphere will showcase the flypacks in the Z CAM booth, C 1052, throughout the NAB Show, occurring April 9-12 in Las Vegas.

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