Shot on RED: the Collective

Where can you find cinematographers from Ty Evans to Greg Hunt, or photographers as Asgeir Helgestad sharing their images and thoughts? At RED Collective, a repository of some of the best work with RED.

Shot on RED: the Collective

Through some 40 minutes of video and photos, RED users share their secrets, passions and goals. Sit down with family this Christmas time and explore everything from nature to action sports filmmaking… shot on RED.

Ty Evans is the most recent cinematographer/director present on the RED Collective. Through a video 7 minutes long the Ghost Digital Cinema founder, Ty Evans, known for pushing the boundaries of action sports filmmaking, reflects on how the principles of skateboarding shaped his approach to filmmaking. Ty made a name for himself as a pioneer who incorporated high production value to skateboarding videos, and over time established himself in the industry as a technological innovator.

Ty Evans is not alone. There is, now, a dozen of experiences to discover and share under the RED Collective banner, a collection of videos started two years ago, to share with RED users or those looking into the system, the experiences, knowledge and images of authors using RED equipment in many different ways. The 40 some minutes of videos represent a wealth of knowledge that can not only be applied to RED cameras, but to cinematography and photography in general. It is not the only “collection” RED has created throughout the times, as a means to educate people about the world of imaging. From the RED Tech series of videos, to the RED 101, there is a lot of learning right under your fingertips. Just visit RED’s website and start your journey from there.

The Collective from RED, going back to where we started, features the work of people as Greg Hunt, the Pro skateboarder turned filmmaker and photographer, who has touched upon all four corners of the globe to capture the world’s top skateboarding talent in their most extreme elements, or Norwegian wildlife photographer Asgeir Helgestad explaining how he captures the beauty and soul of the natural world.

For something completely different, a testimony of the diversity of the RED Collective, look at how Stijn Verlinde uses his EPIC DRAGON to chronicle the entire Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival experience through an intricate coordination of music and footage from the event. Images and words flow together for an experience that will immerse you.

There is a little for everybody in the collection. Sit down and watch with the family or go back to the series, over and over, to get inspiration and knowledge. The dozen films now available are not just a sign of RED’s cameras to cover multiple types of work, they also speak about the creators themselves. So, beyond the marketing aspect, that is, logically, always present, there is real value that any cinematographer or photographer can apply to their craft, inside the RED Collective.

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