Save paper, buy eBooks! It’s Earth Day!

Now that NAB 2016 is over, it is time to sit down and rest. Maybe reading a book. Or one eBook. It’s a way to celebrate Earth Day.

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Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, but to save Earth there is no specific day, so Rocky Nook extends their special Earth Day promotion until April 26. Buy any eBook with a 45% off.

Earth Day goes back to 1970, year of the first edition of the movement that gave voice to an emerging consciousness about environmental issues. Forty-six years later, we celebrate Earth Day in multiple ways, and video and photography have played an important part in the discovery of our planet. In fact, even drones, when used the intelligent way, will help us to cherish the world, starting right outside our door. NAB 2016 showed us that in multiple ways, and promised many other ways to celebrate the planet we live on.


To celebrate those 46 years of Earth Day, Rocky Nook decided to offer 45% off in all their eBooks, which represent a way to save paper. But because one day is a short time to chose the eBooks you want from their collection, the Earth Day Sale is extended until April 26.

Rocky Nook’s collection of eBooks covers everything in Photography, from manuals to multiple cameras to titles as Photography as Meditation or technical guides about Architectural Photography, Underwater Photography or Astrophotography. Software guides, from Lightroom to Capture One Pro 9 are also available, and many other titles, covering almost any topic you can think of within the realm of photography.

If and when you decide to celebrate Earth Day buying eBooks, remember to use the coupon EARTHDAY on check out. The promotion runs until April 26.

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