RED showcases DSMC2 camera brain with three sensor options at IBC 2018

IBC 2018 will be the place to go to see RED’s DSMC2 camera brain with three sensor options, following the changes made to RED’s catalog, last May.

RED’s “one brain, three sensors” solution will be the highlight of the company’s presence at IBC 2018: the MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35 and GEMINI 5K S35 will be showcased in Amsterdam.

RED Digital Cinema will showcase its DSMC2 camera line-up  at IBC in Amsterdam from September 14 – 17. It’s a major event and a unique moment for the company to show its DSMC2 camera brain with three sensor options – MONSTRO 8K VV, HELIUM 8K S35 and GEMINI 5K S35, the result of the company’s decision to put an end to the confusion of camera bodies, insides and sensors on their catalog.

ProVideo Coalition readers will certainly remember that in May 2018, Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema, wrote, on the RED user forums, that “our Camera lineup as most of you can agree has gotten a little bloated and confusing”, introducing the new unified system. IBC 2018 is one of the first events to show the new catalog and receive direct feedback from users.

Additionally, RED will demonstrate an 8K workflow, covering 8K REDCODE RAW, HDR, and its enhanced image processing pipeline (IPP2). RED experts will be available to answer questions and offer insight into the possibilities for efficiently producing 8K projects.

The DSMC2 camera BRAIN includes high-end frame rates and data rates regardless of the sensor chosen. RED’s modular camera system allows a shooter to configure a fully operational camera setup to meet their individual needs. RED offers a range of accessories including display and control functionality, input/output modules, mounting equipment, and methods of powering the camera. The DSMC2 camera is capable of up to 60 frames per second at 8K, offers 300 MB/s data transfer speeds, and simultaneous recording of REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR.

The flexibility of RED’s modular camera designs with accompanying accessories and integration solutions can also be seen on on the show floor through a variety of manufacturers, including Sigma, Cooke, Zeiss, Angenieux, Schneider Optics, Teradek, CoreSWX, Fujifilm and Motion Impossible.

Projects shot on RED include the upcoming Voyage of Dr. Doolittle (Guillermo Navarro, ASC), A Million Little Pieces (Jeff Cronenweth, ASC), Maleficent 2 (Henry Braham, BSC), and King of Thieves (Danny Cohen, BSC), among many other productions, including Eighth Grade (Andrew Wehde), Mindhunter (Erik Messerschmidt), Stranger Things (Tim Ives, ASC), Godless (Steven Meizler), GLOW (Christian Sprenger), and House of Cards (David M. Dunlap), to name a few.

Follow the link to find more information about the RED DSMC2 family of cameras.

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