Red Giant: the giant Year End Sale starts December 10 and lasts only 24 hours

If you’ve not spent all your money on Black Friday deals, we’ve news for you: Red Giant has its year-end sale December 10. Until that day comes, the company is giving away a ton of prizes.

Red Giant: Year End Sale starts December 10

Simply by using Twitter you may win a 1-year subscription to Red Giant Complete. You just need to tweet the right word, during the next days, until the Red Giant Year End Sale happens. Discover how.

If winning a FREE 1-yr subscription to Red Giant Complete, which includes Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, Universe, Shooter Suite, and VFX Suite is something that attracts you, here is how to get a chance to win: follow @redgiantnews on twitter, retweet the company’s special contest tweets that use the hashtag: #RGYearEndSale, and hope for the best. Participants can enter once each 12 hours, and a winner will be chosen (yes, the team at Red Giant will keep an eye on the contest over nights, weekends and holidays too…) each 12 hours.

The contest ends Monday, December 9th, 2019, at 6PM PST… because the big sale starts on December 10th. That’s the reason why Red Giant says that people should not “fall victim to Black Friday or Cyber Monday!” and should save their money “for just a little while longer”, as Red Giant Year End Sale starts then. Remember, though, that this sale is 24 hours only, so prepare in advance, to make sure you’re ready to get all the goods you want at a special price.

A 24 hour sale

On the day of the sale, which starts, officially, at 8 AM PST, there will be a coupon code all over the site, to make sure no one misses it. Then for one day and a few hours of the following day, you can get 50% off Red Giant Complete and 30% off Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, PluralEyes, Universe, VFX Suite and everything else in the Red Giant store. Some examples of savings:

  • Red Giant Complete: Usually $599. Get it on sale for just $299
  • Trapcode Suite 15: Usually $999. Get it on sale for just $699
  • VFX Suite (NEW!): Usually $999. Get it on sale for just $699
  • Universe: Usually $199/yr. Get it on sale for just $139
  • Magic Bullet Suite 13: Usually $899. Get it on sale for just $629
  • PluralEyes 4: Usually $299. Get it on sale for just $209

It should be noted that the discounted price on subscriptions is a one-time introductory rate. After that, the renewal price will be at the standard annual fee. It is also important to remember that this sale excludes renewals of all active and lapsed annual subscriptions and monthly subscriptions of Universe. Also note that if you have never owned an annual subscription of Universe, you are eligible for this promotion.

Academic licenses and Volume Program subscriptions are also included in this sale, but those interested should visit the website and get in touch with Red Giant for more details.

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