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Random thoughts from the Blackmagic NAB 2018 press conference

I wonder if I can type along as they go through the press conference?

Like the AJA press conference here’s some random thoughts at Blackmagic’s press conference.

Blackmagic’s Grant Petty kicks it off with lots of stuff about mini convertors! Like AJA an important part of the video backbone of the world.

There’s a new switcher that continues Blackmagic’s place in the live production world. Looks like BMD is continuing to take their different technologies and integrate them into different products. Their new switcher panels have Fairlight audio and Teranex now build in. At least that’s how it looks to me as they are going fast, I’m tying and honestly, I don’t understand all this stuff.

DaVinci Resolve !!

Fusion is integrated in. Grant “doesn’t really know what it means” to integrate Fusion into Resolve. That’s a big statement as Fusion is a big learning curve but having it in a tab will definitely make more people try it out.

“Nice updates to the edit page.” He hasn’t yet mentioned stacked timelines. ??? That was in the leak.

Some live demoing if Resolve. It’s a “single click away from anything.”

The left node of Fusion is a video input. You can do your vfx work and it’s just there back in the edit page. Grant says that everything just “coexists.” Fusion is the third tab. Since Fusion is 3D you can do titling and motion graphics work in 3D space. It’s very After Effects-y.

What does this mean? An editor sees Fusion as a graphics editor. A visual effects artist sees it as a vfx app. Grant says he doesn’t know what will happen with this and he’s excited to find out what creative things happen when you slam all this technology together.

I agree that this integrates something new at an unbelievable price point. It’ll take a couple of years to maybe see how this affects the industry.

Import SRT files into subtitles! More about captioning.

And there are not tabbed timelines in Resolve 15… and the demo of a new “stacked” timeline.

I never heard the word pancake but it looks like a two stack pancake in that image above.

There’s a lot of stuff that has been updated in the Fairlight page as well. There is timeline scrolling in the Fairlight page but I’m guessing that’s in the edit page as well? I hope so.

On the color page a new LUT browser. There are a lot of updates to the color page.

Updates to both the Fairlight consoles as well as their film scanner.

And there’s a new Pocket Cinema Camera!

The form factor has changed. It looks like a small DSLR. Grant is going through a lot of specs of this new camera. I’m sure they are quite impressive but in this day and age when I hear camera stats they all sound the same to me. But I’m an editor.

There is a new body construction that will have some carbon fiber as part of the body construction. Carbon fiber is light and cool. And expensive. “If the URSA is the camera you shoot people with the pocket camera is the one you use to shoot yourself.”  Okay…

It’s basically the URSA Mini shrunk down. It has 4 mics. That’s nice as audio is, you know, important and  often an afterthought for many in the video world. There’s a lot of connections on the side of this little camera. It also has a lot of media options including recording to an external hard drive. They show it connected to a little Samsung SSD. Once done shooting you can go plug that external disc into your computer and begin editing.

This image above was after Grant shot the press conference crowd and then plugged that into an iMac and brought that media right into Resolve. Buy your little SSDs now before there is a shortage!!

September $1295 with a full copy of Resolve.

And that’s it! If I get a press kit I’ll throw some images in at some point. I don’t know how the big tech sites do these live blogs. It’s rather nerve wracking!

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