PVC Podcast Eps 5: Adobe MAX Rundown, Foundry Shuts Down Athera, The Sigma FP Launch & More!

Your Weekly Industry News Rundown

Episode 5 of the PVC podcast talking about Adobe MAX, Sigma FP Launch and Foundry Shutting down Athera












On this weeks episode of the PVC Podcast Scott Simmons, Kenny McMillan and Damian Allen talk through the biggest stories of last week. Hear them talk about the biggest stories to come out of Adobe MAX, the death of Athera from Foundry, the launch of the Sigma FP camera and more! Listen to the full episode below:

And if you want more in-depth breakdowns of these topics you can read these articles:

Kennys Coverage of Adobe MAX: (Day 1, Day 2)

Athera Shut Down

Sigma FP Launch

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