ProShow 9 introduces 4K video slideshows

Photodex introduced a new version of its slideshow creator, ProShow 9, now offering even more creative tools, filters and 4K video output for higher quality slideshows.

ProShow 9 introduces 4K video slideshows

Slideshows in 4K in ProShow 9 come with a faster video output and a centralized interface to manage videos. 4K video is a feature for both the professional ProShow 9 Producer and the Gold version, for enthusiasts.

ProShow has been my slideshow creator since I discovered it, a long long time ago (like the Star Wars saga…). It’s been an amazing ride seeing it evolve from version to version, expanding the tools available for creating amazing slideshows. While the program is a typical slideshow creator, it is much more than that, also including video tools for those users who want to mix still and moving images.

For each new version of ProShow, I’ve seen the video section improve to offer better tools and more options, and the trend continues now. Although some features are available in the Gold edition, I’ll center, here, on the Producer, which is the professional version, and offers the most versatile interface to help users use video as if they were editing photos. If you’ve never used a video editor – Non-Linear Editor – this is like taking your first steps in a video editor that is as easy to use as a slideshow tool.

ProShow Producer’s interface allows users to blend photos and videos together in nearly any way imaginable. The built-in video trimmer makes it easy to edit video clips to use only the portion you want, and there is a collection of filters so you can turn your videos to black and white or sepia with one click layer filters, besides applying ProShow Producer’s slide styles to your videos. Video clips can be adjusted for speed, to create slow-motion sequences, and because you may want to use multiple videos in your slideshow, there is a publishing history tool that makes it easy to access all the videos created for a slideshow from a centralized interface.

ProShow 9 introduces 4K video slideshows

The video section of ProShow Producer is like having a production studio at your finger tips, and there is more: Photodex says that “improved video output is now faster, and includes an all-in-one publishing queue to batch together videos then output to multiple formats consecutively.” ProShow 9’s video engine has been improved, and creates videos up to 1.5x faster than previous versions and the program also offer all-new support for hardware video encoders, lettings power-users take advantage of the dedicated video encoding chips on higher-end graphics cards. On systems with supported Nvidia or Intel cards, you can create H.264 video up to 2x faster than before. Creating 4K video is easy using the new 4K video profiles that come built-in with the Video for Web, Devices and Computers tool.

Video is not the only area improved for this version. ProShow 9 offers all new creative tools that give users more creative control over their slideshow design. The all-new layer filters, motion filters, and follow filters make complex effects effortless. The new Filters interface provides a one-stop-shop for making video slideshows look better than ever.

Layer filters let users apply 45+ photo filters to their photos and videos with just a couple clicks. The curated set of filters can instantly bring new life to any photo or add vintage effects. New motion filters can create high energy photo and video animations with just a click – no video editing knowledge necessary. Over 150 new motion filters are included. The new follow filter lets creative users do even more, allowing for multiple photos and videos to move together onscreen.

Other new creative tools in ProShow 9 include a re-designed color tool with new built-in color palettes and the ability to create your own custom palettes. The newly enhanced Vignette tool now supports custom-designed presets and includes several handy vignette designs built-in.

ProShow 9’s freshly re-designed color tool makes it easier to find the perfect color. Customizable color palettes let users save their favorite colors, and the software includes several color palettes designed by professional designers. The new color tool also provides quick access to complimentary and similar colors, making it easier to quickly find the perfect color for captions, backgrounds, outlines and more.

ProShow 9 introduces 4K video slideshows

The number of improvements does not stop there, as ProShow 9 includes tons of additional improvements based on feedback from users. Workflow and performance improvements can be found in many places across the software, says Photodex. Offering a music library with more than 370 music tracks that you can use in your shows, fully licensed and royalty free, ProShow Producer 9 continues to be an easy-to-use software for Windows that allows photographers and enthusiasts to create high quality photo, video and audio slideshows.

ProShow 9 is available in two versions, ProShow Gold, for enthusiasts, which costs $69.95 and may be all you need to create your slideshows. If you can justify having all the tools – you can compare versions at Photodex’s website -, then ProShow Producer, for professionals, is available now for $249.95. Upgrade pricing is available for existing users.

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