ProShow 7 expands built-in music library

Music and sound effects are, many times, a headache for videographers and photographers. Fortunately, some programs have a music library included which can be used freely. Some even offer free expansions of that library, as is the case with ProShow 7


Photodex, the company behind the ProShow program, announced recently the addition of 35 new songs to the ProShow 7 music library, bringing the total number of royalty-free songs and sound effects tracks available to over 270. The actual program, launched in May 2015, was the first version to introduce a built-in royalty free music library with well over 200 songs and sound FX. The library has grown since that moment.

Each song is licensed for both personal and commercial use, so users of ProShow 7 software can use the music in slideshows they intend to sell to clients. The ProShow 7 music library offers songs in a wide variety of genres and categories. Songs that are added to a slideshow can be edited using ProShow’s built-in audio editing tools such as fade in/out and trim.

Music and sound effects are essential elements of any video production or slideshow. Music is probably what many users first think as the ideal background for their stills or moving images, but I still see many users picking whatever they like, even from their music collection, and using it, apparently without understanding that they are breaking the law. I’ve written before about free sources of music for slideshows and video, mostly because programs that I use to edit slideshows and video didn’t offer any music and FX sound library, but that is slowly changing, and ProShow 7 is a good example.

When the program was launched, last year, David Eddy, CEO of Photodex Corporation said that “With ProShow 7, we wanted to offer our customers an easy way to find the perfect soundtrack for their slideshows. That’s why we handpicked hundreds of songs of all types and genres, and made them available in the software at no extra cost. Each song is licensed and available for ProShow 7 users to use commercially or personally. We know music is a huge part of slideshow creation and can’t wait to see all the creative ways the new music and creative effects in ProShow 7 are used.”


At the time I browsed through the library – which needs an Internet connection to download themes – and wrote that I was amazed with the wide selection available. At the time I also wrote that although I will still use the sources for free and commercial music I’ve mentionned before, I must admit I found many themes in the built-in royalty free music library that I will be using.

Well, that original collection has now been expanded to reach more than 270 titles, with 35 new songs included. When the new songs were announced, David Eddy commented that “Music is such a big part of the slideshow creation process. The right song can elevate the production value of a slideshow and inject a ton of emotion. That’s why we’re committed to continually adding new, quality tracks that you actually want to listen to, in the ProShow music library.”

So, there you’ve it. ProShow 7 is a good example of a complete package that not only allows easy integration of stills, video and sound in your slideshows, it also contributes to make the inclusion of music and sound effects not just easier, but also legal. The new songs are available in ProShow Gold 7, ProShow Producer 7 and ProShow Web. Check the program, there are trial versions available on Photodex website.

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