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With the launch of PowerDirector 14 and the new Director Family lineup, Cyberlink is promoting the products as much as they can. A free live webinar is a fast way to discover what’s new in the programs.

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The recently launched PowerDirector 14 from Cyberlink, already mentioned here at ProVideo Coalition, offers multiple new features and tools, and these aspects will be covered in the free live webinars programmed for October.

During the sessions participants will learn about the new powerful tools that are perfect for sports cam, drone, and outdoor footage, such as how to set up slow-mo and zoom shots with just a few clicks, instantly correct color/lens problems. Participation is FREE, and participants get a chance to win a free copy of the brand new PowerDirector 14!

Recommended for beginners and advanced users, the free live webinars take place on October 7 and 8, with sessions conceived for European and American, Australians and Canadians, so everybody can watch, independently of location. Users just need to choose the one session that best adapts to them.

Topics Covered:

Introduction to PowerDirector 14’s New Features

How to fix, enhance and edit videos with the Action Camera Center

Quickly and precisely attaching effects to moving subjects using Motion Tracking

Using Express Projects for fast track movie creation

Capturing desktop movements in 30 fps using Screen Recorder

Utilizing AudioDirector’s Dialogue Alignment to perfectly match re-dub with original video

Participants can chose from two sessions:

You may choose from two sessions:
Session A – Recommended for UK and EU participants
Oct 7 (Wed): UK @ 12-1 p.m. (UTC+1)
Oct 7 (Wed): Central Europe/SAST @ 1-2 p.m.

Session B – Recommended for US, Canada and Australia participants
Oct 7 (Wed): U.S./Canada West Coast @ 7-8 p.m. (UTC-7)
Oct 7 (Wed): U.S./Canada East Coast @ 10-11 p.m.
Oct 8 (Thu): Australia (Sydney) @ 1-2 p.m.
Oct 8 (Thu): New Zealand (Auckland) @ 3-4 p.m.

To register, please follow the link, fill out the form and choose your session, before October 6.


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