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Pond5 launches new premium footage collection, exclusively shot on RED

Pond5 launches a new premium collection, 8K, 6K, 5K, and 4K footage, exclusively shot on RED cameras. A new search filter and the collection will be showcased at NAB 2019.

Pond5 new footage collection: exclusively shot on RED

Now it is easier to search Pond5 for footage shot with RED cameras. There is a new search filter, besides a whole premium collection of footage for those who need high-resolution video.

Pond5 continues to create partnerships that offer users new search options and premium footage. Pond5 and DJI partnered last year, to create the Pond5 DJI premium footage collection. This year, recently, the company announced that the collection has expanded with high-quality aerial footage from professional drone pilots around the world.

Now Pond5 creates another trove of moving image solutions for its clients, as it launches a brand new cinema-quality collection featuring video shot exclusively on RED Digital Cinema cameras that provides endless options for creative high-resolution editing. Recognizing the growing need for video captured in the highest definition possible, global content marketplace Pond5 announced a brand new premium footage collection featuring 8K, 6K, 5K, and 4K video shot exclusively on RED Digital Cinema cameras

Pond5 new footage collection: exclusively shot on RED

A new search filter for RED Camera

It’s not just the new collection, as in addition, Pond5 has debuted a new “RED Camera” search filter for video on its site, allowing customers to easily discover hundreds of thousands of clips created with RED’s award-winning cameras within its library of more than 14 million video clips.

The move is another example of Pond’s continued recognition of the technology manufacturers that enable cinematographers to create their most captivating work. The launch of the RED collection and filter gives video producers, filmmakers, and content creators easy access to cinematic footage in resolutions up to 8K — offering unlimited options to zoom in, crop, and creatively edit clips while keeping final projects at 4K or higher. Additionally, with 8K resolution predicted to gain a significant foothold in the consumer market within the next four years, video creators can use this footage to future-proof their work for next-generation screens.

“Video production and creation is always evolving with the technology, and offering our buyers the highest-quality and most technologically advanced options for their video projects is a big part of what drives us as a business,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “By working with RED to feature this licensable cinema-quality footage, we’re presenting content creators with some of the best video in the industry, along with the freedom to create work of the highest quality that won’t become easily outdated. The possibilities for what can be done with this footage are endless.”

Pond5 new footage collection: exclusively shot on RED

Discover the Pond5+RED collection

In addition to giving Pond5 buyers access to some of the world’s most high-resolution and captivating footage at budget-friendly prices, this initiative also offers RED filmmakers the opportunity to repurpose their existing footage, giving it new life as creative content licensed for high-profile productions via the Pond5 marketplace. As Pond5 contributors, they can earn substantial incremental income, setting their own prices and receiving an industry-leading share of the resulting revenue.

“Creating a special collection exclusively for RED footage on Pond5 is a perfect extension of our own ‘Shot on RED’ campaign, which includes a huge cross-section of major theatrical and broadcast releases,” said RED President Jarred Land. “We’re excited to collaborate with the Pond5 team to help promote artists working with our cameras and provide them with a new way to earn revenue from their work.”

To discover the new Pond5 + RED collection or to submit your own RED footage for consideration, visit Pond5 and try the RED Camera search filter. If you want to know more about the collection and are going to NAB 2019, you can book a private meeting and demonstration with the Pond5 sales team at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas. To request a meeting, contact

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