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Pond5 introduces enterprise-level suite of tools

The pace and scale of content production are growing exponentially, so new tools are needed to increase efficiency, save money… and keep everything under control. Meet the Pond5 Enterprise Suite.

Pond5 introduces enterprise-level suite of tools

Pond5 announced a new enterprise-level suite of tools designed to make content production easier than ever for TV and film studios, creative agencies, and large businesses.

Pond5 has been busy on the weeks before NAB 2018. ProVideo Coalition announced recently the creation of a premium collection of licensable aerial footage exclusive for drone pilots operating with a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as part of a collaboration with DJI, and now Pond 5 introduces a new solution for the industry.

The new Pond5 Enterprise Suite is designed to meet the needs of anyone involved with the production management process, offering everything needed to work quickly and save money. With content production expanding while budgets shrink, keeping control over every aspect of production is essential, and the new Enterprise Suite is, according to the company, the solution.

“The new Pond5 Enterprise Suite is a fully customizable and scalable package designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” explained Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “The pace and scale of content production are growing exponentially, and companies need ways to keep up. With these industry-leading tools, they’ll have everything they need to work quickly, save money, and increase efficiency, all in one place.”

Access tools in the Enterprise Suite include options for unwatermarked comps and a special sizzle-reel license, both of which offer the ability to present ideas using Pond5 media without the distraction of a watermark.

“Pond5 can fill in just about any missing piece in our visual puzzles. With their simple and transparent licensing process that has varying levels of licensing options and no hidden costs or purchase minimums, Pond5 fits the needs of each project without breaking the bank.” – Ryan Glidden, VP of Operations, Spectrum Productions.

Search is supercharged with the company’s new Visual Search platform, including reverse video search from anywhere on the web and mobile visual search, all paired with Pond5’s robust search filters to make media discovery simple and painless. Free research is also available.

“At a time when concepts are expanding and budgets are shrinking, it’s comforting to know that a ‘low-flying drone shot over the Grand Canyon at sunset,’ or ‘a panicked woman staring incredulously at her iPad’ is always only a few mouse clicks away.” – Jim Casey, President, Painless Productions.

Efficiency tools include Pond5 integrations for Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X, both of which provide streamlined access to the full Pond5 collection, the ability to try out previews in your timeline, and to instantly replace them with hi-res files while keeping all of your edits intact. Bulk downloads of previews and purchased files are available for all platforms.

Administrative tools in the Pond5 Enterprise Suite give companies the option to select which types of media to make available to their teams, so that only approved items will appear in search results. Searches can be limited by price, media type, indemnification level, or any other required attribute.

“As a fast-paced production company producing a wide variety of television shows, Pond5 is our number-one source for images and footage. Pond5’s large and diverse library fits all of our needs and the customer service is remarkable.”  – Jessica B. Williams, Executive in Charge of Production, RIVR Media, LLC

Administrator purchase controls provide the ability to apply credits to the accounts of contractors or agencies and approve purchases before they’re finalized, so spending limits can be set for individual users and budgets can be more easily maintained.

Custom invoicing allows companies to sort purchases by user, date or project, as well as apply billing in one of multiple currencies, streamlining the accounting process. All tools in the Pond5 Enterprise Suite are completely customizable to match the needs of each individual business and production.

Businesses looking to integrate the Pond5 Enterprise Suite into their organizations can book a private meeting and demonstration with the Pond5 sales team at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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