PockeSHOT 3D: new 3D printable ORTAK camera rig from edelkrone

The new ORTAK line, from edelkrone, continues to expand. Video and photography accessories that you can 3D print at home, buying only the key components to assemble the whole rig.

PockeSHOT 3D: new 3D printable ORTAK product from edelkrone

PocketSHOT 3D is available now! It’s a tabletop stand, top handle, monopod and more. It’s the third product under the brand name ORTAK, a new concept introduced by edelkrone recently.

The universe of 3D printable products opens new options for videographers on a budget, allowing them to print equipment like a tabletop dolly or a tripod head at greatly reduced prices. We’ve revealed the concept recently, with the first two products from edelkrone made available using the system: the FlexTILT Head 3D and the Skater 3D, both based on previous products from edelkrone, but now offered with parts that you can 3D print at home or at a 3D printing store near you.


ORTAK is the name of the new family or line of products, and we explained, using edelkrone’s words what it means. The idea of being able to print your own equipment sounds really interesting, and edelkrone says that this is “a never-before-experienced product development world” that was here all along and, they add, “we’ve seen it. Let’s do this together, partner.”

Get your gear any color you like

So, now, the line expands with the PocketSHOT 3D, which is the printable version of edelkrone’s Red Dot Award winner PocketSHOT. The new printable product follows the same logic, offered in a $29 pack that includes the CNC machined aluminum parts needed for a flawless experience and the file used to print the different parts. With the instructions provided you assemble the final product, and your PocketSHOT 3D is ready to be used.

Let me say this again: it sounds like a really interesting concept. Besides the price, there is another aspect that appeals to me: the fact that you can print your gear in different colors. It’s not important for the final quality of the product, I guess, but it’s an exciting option if, for example, you want to clearly identify your gear. The example images of the PocketSHOT3D presented by edelkrone show what’s possible.

This third product added to the ORTAK line can be used in different ways. Edelkrone says that users can “experience many different camera rig solutions combined in one 3D printable product! With PocketSHOT 3D, the number of setups you may achieve are endless and will enable you to shoot long, stable videos without getting tired.”

PockeSHOT 3D: new 3D printable ORTAK product from edelkrone

A fully featured and compact camera rig

Examples? Well, you can easily unfold and use it as a fully adjustable chest support (rifle-like stabilization solution), and you may also use PocketSHOT 3D like a monopod and produce very stable shots without fatigue when shooting for long periods of time. It is also possible to use it as a top handle for your camera to achieve low-angle shots easily, or make it function as a camera stand, by placing your camera on a flat surface and adjust the tilt angle instantly. PocketSHOT 3D also allows users to attach a LED light, microphone, or second camera to it.

Compatible with all camcorders and DSLRs (1/4”-20 mounting screw), the new piece of gear is one that you won’t ever leave it behind. The design of PocketSHOT 3D has managed to shrink a fully featured camera rig into one compact product that is easy to carry around, even in a large pocket. Because it has no buttons or locks to deal with and edelkrone’s one-of-a-kind constant friction technology prevents the joints from getting loose, even after many uses, it will last for a long time. And if one of the 3D printed brakes, you can always print it again.

On edelkrone’s website you’ll find everything you need to know about printers compatible with the files for the different ORTAK products, a line that continues to grow, giving photographers and videographers a new solution in terms of affordable equipment.

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