Plotagraph: animating a still photo

When photographers think about moving images, many think about Cinemagraphs. Well, soon there will be another word to use: Plotagraphs.

Plotagraph: animating a still photo

A Plotagraph is a photograph edited in a photo animation software called Plotagraph Pro. It represents a new way to display photographs. Plotgraph Pro is the result of years of investigation by a team that finally shares their secret with the general public.

Because Cinemagraphs are so popular – we wrote about them becoming stock footage at Shutterstock – you may be tempted to think plotagraphs are just another name for Cinemagraphs, but you’re wrong. Because Cinemagraphs really start as video footage from where a series of frames is cut and edited.

Plotagraph: animating a still photo

Plotagraphs are, according to the team behind them “free from the constraints of video which makes billions of images available to bring to life at a fraction of the price of any other process. If you are looking for software that is new and different, Plotagraph Pro is the answer. Plotagraph Pro can take any of your existing still photographs and animate them, bringing more attention and more bookings.

Troy Christopher Plota is the name behind the project. Troy’s bio reveals that he has shot for major Fashion and Advertising brands around the world and has been on the forefront of Digital Photography since its inception. His passion for Photography started at the age of 13 and he is now a leader in the realm of Dynamic Content and the President of PlotaTech LLC. Troy currently lives in New York City.

Plotagraph: animating a still photoThe Plotagraph team has been working on the Plotagraph technique and software over the past several years. During that period they saw a lot of changes to photography. Whether you think the changes are good or bad it is plain to see that they are here to stay. With the tidal wave of cheap stock and the rise of Social Media, still photographs have lost some of their value. There are more photographers than ever and shoot budgets seem to somehow get lower and lower.

That where Plotagraph hopes to offer options for change. Plota believes that “this is going to help add a tremendous boost to the world of Photography. Now photographers can sell their work in the video arena. This helps photographers monetize their animated images to more clients and gives digital Artists a new way to express themselves on a whole new level.”

Whether Plotagraph does or not change the market for photography, the creative options the Plotagraph software offers are interesting and something to explore. The software is in beta and you can register to participate. Give it a try.

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