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Panasonic Talks New XPD3 Card Reader: NAB 2017 Video

The Thunderbolt 3 card reader boasts super fast offload times

Seven minutes to download a 512GB Express P2 Card with Panasonic’s new XPD3 card reader! Eight minutes to download two 512 Express P2 Cards with twoXPD3 card readers! Those are some incredible offload speeds.

XPD3 Card Reader

Utilizing Thunderbolt 3 and it’s 40 Gbps data transfer speed Panasonic delivers a blazing fast card reader allowing for a super fast offload of Express P2 Cards. The news XPD3 card reader was specifically designed to work with high-quality, high frame rate recording of 4K. Think 4K 120fps and 4K 240fps. At those speeds, a 512Gb P2 card can be full in a matter of minutes. Rumor is the price for the XPD3 card reader will be around $1500.

XPD3 Card Reader

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